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December 24, 2016

Christmas at Vannes II, la Cervoiserie

Ok so needed to tell you the latest events on our Christmas preparation, this is big for our family every year. We have traveled long over the years thru different countries starting with my parents and then wife and boys; this is my fourth country and all citizens of them. Learned many languages sometimes I think too many, mix them up lol!!! But here we are again just before another Christmas Eve in 2016 in Pluvigner , Morbihan, Brittany, France.

It all started back in 1970 and it has never stop, Cuba, Spain, USA and France. Many regions and cities after we end up in the smallest with only 7000+  inhabitants. The time of the year becomes colder lonely, and sad sometimes away from family and close dear friends, with only my father with me and my sons and my wife.

The shows on TV are loving and make you think of times yesteryears, and love ones gone ,like my mother in 2007.

We get ready for another feast later on, the meal is cooking, the table is set up, and the drinks are in line. The social media, Skype is on,and the TV just about a press of a button to pass from one language to the other and see all the festivities afar. Just another regular Christmas. I saw the family and friends already in some reunions leading up to Christmas and nostalgia sets in, so many years of memories and yet so far.

But, believe me, Christmas is special for a lot more than the religious significance, but of times to feel stronger and united, as my grandfather used to said, the blood is thicker than water; bonds stay on no matter how far and how lonely life is beautiful and so is Brittany and France now.

I remember places on a world globe of special meaning to me each and every single one of them; Punta Brava, Madrid, Perth Amboy, Daytona Beach, Ormond by the Sea, North Miami, Hialeah, Miramar, Verneuil sur Seine, Versailles, Brech, and Pluvigner. Not to mention those nearby ,where I have worked such as Miami, Paris, Lagos, Curitiba, Geneva, Dreux, La Défense, Suresnes, and Vannes. I thanked them all for the good times and the good cheers.

Now, this afternoon, I cruise from visiting Rochefort-en-Terre, nice town in the Morbihan on the way home, stop for the apéro, aperitif, the drink before the meal so typical of France.

What better place than at the La Cervoiserie, a beer joint with samples from the world over. We had Belgian, German, Czech, French beers last night too and just today on way home. We are stock and ready, you are welcome to stop by ::)

So, therefore, Merry Christmas to all my readers, may the best comes your way in 2017, and believe in the magic it is magical. Cheers

Vannes Vannes Vannes


December 24, 2016

Christmas 2016 at Rochefort-en-Terre

Another year gone by and another visit to the wonderful medieval quaint town of Rochefort-en-Terre in my Morbihan Breton. We were there this morning ahead of the night festivities as it is packed and now in addition this year name, the Favorite town of the French in a TV contest here in France. See the many other posts on the town in my blog just search in front page.

The tourist office is here:

Le Village préférés des français or the favorite town of the French on survey by TV station France 2 announce by Stéphane Bern is here in, French, see video:

The town at night is a time going back full of lights all over city center and chalets as well as stores and restos staying late to celebrate. Huge numbers of people comes here every year and we have been for the last several. This time we chose to come earlier quieter, and have time to prepare the meal for Christmas Eve tonite.

We go there by car along the N165 to the N166 to the N774 or going out we took first the N777 into the N775 and N166 N165;   direct into Rochefort en Terre both ways. We parked by the primary school Sylvain Pradeau 2,20€ for 24 hours of parking. And from here we walk all over town.

We went into the castle first, this is known as the American Artists place as Alfred Klots, American painter born in St Germain-en-Laye of a family from Baltimore MD USA purchased it in 1907 ,and created an artists colony that is now the museum NAIA. Now part of the city, it hosts several arts events and artists trainings. The original castle is from the 13C and with a base of stables from the 17C it has rooms done in the 20C .

The museum Naîa has a separate page here:

There is a beautiful house just at the entrance to the castle selling souvenirs and produce from the area very nice. Next to it there is a wonderful artist gallery with great paintings and works of arts, worth a detour. More on the Les Ecuries de Sainte Hortense here:

Inside the Castle property you will also see a Chapel with a nice nativity scene set. You get back on the side street next to the main road, and see the beautiful Church Notre Dame de la Tronchaye  ,built between the 12C and 16C.  The facades are done in flamboyant gothic from 1553,and you can see two gates not far from its square tower still preserved these are the Porte Cadre and the Porte de l’Etang.

You have beautiful nativity sets , two in city center one by the Mary candles store or Bougie Marie, and another on the square Place de Puits afterward.  I got a glimpse picture of the tourist office here at place de Puits and then of the many medieval buildings around including our favorite resto Café Breton. Continuing to the end of town we arrived at the rue Saint Michel and later the Place Saint Michel with plenty of chalets and wooden houses.

You will be able to see the remnants of a laundry or Lavoir by the Porte de l’Etang. You can see at the other end of the city center, walking is great, the Chapelle Saint Michel , is right in the woods but visible from the parking.  It is in the old field of the Fairs and the current Place Saint Michel , dated from the 17C and renovated in the early 20C. Here used to be located the priory of the Grail of Notre Dame de Montjoie. After several years the Chapel is not visited but you can see inside thru the holes in the window.

We then headed back home for the Christmas Eve preparations not before stopping in Vannes for an apéro ::) a drink before the meals from aperitif or aperture to open up the appetite in you. Cheers and Merry Christmas!

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