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December 19, 2016

Christmas at Vannes !

As told, I am on Christmas vacation and visiting several places around the Christmas theme. Today ,it was our capital city of Vannes in the Morbihan Breton. The day was humid,cold, foggy, gray, light rain which we brave and temps in the 5’sC or about 44F  but we made it.

Vannes is worth the trip always, it is a medieval city with wooden houses going back to the 14C all intact, no war damage here , so you see the real thing. And even renovation going on of some of the old buildings like the Hotel de Francheville by the corner of the Place du Poids Public and Pl des Lices . Originally built in the middle of the 17C.

all of course , walking by the splendid Cathedral of St Peter (Cathédrale St Pierre) and also a Basilica minor.  Many other posts here on it, but it is just too hard to bypass. See it.

All around is a beautiful city , left to be discovered by those who seek the flashy cities of every tourist book. I said, Ernest Hemingway wrote and published a book posthumous on “Paris est un fête” or the movable feast. He was short, a bit more of life and he would have written a second volume, France is a movable feast…

You could not find a chalet or Christmas market here this year, but the ambiance is such that no matter what Christmas is feld, the music over the city loudspeakers sings of Christmas carols and jingle bells, and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year songs.

We arrived and parked by the music conservatory in Le Port area, then walk up to the Place Gambetta and the pleasure boats marina. Going under the Porte Saint Vincent into the old city.

Here you notice the kiosque à musique or music kiosk right on the esplanade next to the canal of pleasure sailing and motor boats.  You continue into the rue Saint Vincent, and go up into the Place du Poids Public and next one the Place des Lices.

Here you turn left and into the Rue des Halles and the laberynth of old shops, and nice quaint restos, bars, and even some new ones like the American restaurant style from the 60’s ;Virgin Breizh Diner. You go on in sheer delight to see the stores of La Tapenalgue of great gifts and local produce, then the La Compagnie des Réclames at the Place Valencia corner of des Halles.

You go down to the ramparts and see the historical Lavoirs or laundries of old, with a  beautiful garden and the towers still there with the magnificent kept Connetable tower.

You go back in zig sagging is great ::) and see at the Place du Poids Public my favorite wine store in France, Nicolas.

The wonderful place Gambetta is my hangout if ever in town, plenty of fun and late hours here. And of course beautiful views into the canal that goes into the Gulf of Morbihan of Unesco fame.

Go back in,and see by the Cathedral , the Place Henri IV with its wonderful wooden house going back to the 14C! to the 17C. Of course, my favorite men’s store is here Loiseau Chemiserie;

OF course, not to miss if coming for the first time the Petit Train or little train ,it will give you a quick rundown of all that is historical and beautiful in the city center.  Catch it at the Place Gambetta. A beautiful webpage here:

See the emblematic Burton store building at Rue Billault, that started out in 1912 as Le Progres. Still gorgeous and renovated as historical building.

Back to the wonderful Rue des Halles, and the Le Hangar pâtisserie, for cakes and sweets delicacies and others goodies.

You have other wonderful streets to wandered, such as Rue Saint Salomon, with the Le Comptoir  de Mathilde, and Rue Thiers, and Place Maurice Marchais where our hôtel de ville is located.

We have set up camp for a long time and now fully refreshed and decorated at the Rue Saint Vincent just under the shadows of the Porte Saint Vincent, Lecocq & Folks restaurant , great cappuccinos and café & crème here for a soothing winter day already.  Of course, full meals served too and good price/quality ratio here. More in Vannes tourist office here:–folks

All in all, a nice afternoon in lovable old quaint Vannes, capital city of the Morbihan and my work city ::) Cheers and Merry Christmas.

Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes

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