My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XIIII

Enjoying a gray cold, foggy Sunday in Pluvigner. This is Sunday and temps in the 6C or about 42F . Usually a low relax day here in Bretons lands but this is the season to be merry and the Christmas spirit is in the air. WE had what I think is our first Christmas market or marché de Noël day today from 10h to 18H. We were there of course right from 16h30 onwards.

If not reading my posts in the past, the town is in the department of the Morbihan No 56 in the region of Brittany or Bretagne or Breizh. There is a strong feeling and presence of Breton , the old language here so most all is written in both languages. Morbihan is the only department of France that the name is not French but here it is Breton…! Mor=sea bihan=small or in French petite mer.

Pluvigner is from the old concoctions of Plu=parish vigner=guiner=old Saint Guigner the founding Irish monk who came here after disagreements with St Patrick and settle Christianism in this area.

There is a tourist office of the Bay of Quiberon on Pluvigner:

The Morbihan department tourist office is here:

We wakeup early to do our end of year groceries at the Carrefour hypermarket in Vannes, and we load up really big;this way no more going into the crowds of last minutes dwellers. You will be able to see some pictures on this page.

We ,then, unloaded ,and headed out on foot to our Christmas market or marché de Noël in city center/downtown.

The road into the center was blocked (easy only one road lol!!!) all started by the Place du Marché where the traditional market is held every Saturday. All was nicely decorated, and plenty of kids games and several chalets with chichis (like churros) to hot wine stands, galette bretonne, and cider. We got our sweaters for winter here too ::)

It was nice to have one and it shows many folks enjoying themselves with the families. I am sure they have a started a nice tradition here too. It will bring the town together and we will get to know more neighbors ,not bad only 7K to go!

In the festivities ,there was a display of old Ducati’s motorcycles and cars including Ferrari, Porsches, Alpines and others quite nice as well as karting vehicles.

In all , a nice way to finish your Sunday at home. Good to know, we still thinking what to do as my end of year vacation starts Monday and not back to work until January 2nd afternoon ::) We have not planned anything ,so maybe will visit other Christmas markets in other towns in the area. Stay tune…..

Happy Holidays to all, and for sure Merry Christmas! and a prosperous New Year 2017. or Nedeleg laouen ha bloavezh  mat ::)

 Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner

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