Some news from France CXLVIIII

Well it is indeed Fall, and foggy nights and mornings to boot, but the temps stays very mild in the 10’s C or 50’s F.

Today , we talk a bit more on la Belle France, and me getting closer to vacation time this Friday until 2017!!!

We have seen here lots of talk about the pollution in Paris, and as one who has travel to several cities around the world I believe it is over publicize but you always have the ecos or as one Czech told me the! As you can see even below by the construction and improvement going on in the public transport system it is just not enough or Paris will be impenetrable on anything, and I had worked in Paris for 10 years and know how it is to deal with the hassle of it.

The next Committee (which meets with the region govt, the city of Paris, the region, 92 and 94, Airparif, and Bruitparif…) will h take place in February 2017.the main routes of substitution for the voie Georges-Pompidou, namely the rive droite quais and the boulevard Saint-Germain, have seen their travel time skyrocket, according to data gathered by the sensors of the city of Paris. In November, it took an average 14.9 minutes between 8h and 9h to go from Pl de la Concorde to Henri IV, 3 minutes more than in November 2015.  The rise is even stronger at night, from 18h to 19h: 23 min instead of 12 min, or nearly double! Ditto on the boulevard Saint-Germain: + 3.5 min in the morning, and + 9 min evening. Instant journey times, compared with data on the whole of the senior docks and the boulevard, are still more meaningful: to 18:30, need you 52 minuld quays to pl de Varsovie at the Porte de Bercy, against 39 minutes a year ago. Aiparif introduced 80 additional sensors to accurately measure changes in the quality of the air in the area. Impossible to say, before March 2017, if the pedestrian goal  has had an impact. On the other hand, for noise along high platforms, Bruitparif noted increases between 1.9 and 3.4 decibels. And more traffic jams spread out of Paris, on the roads N 118 and A 86 to the West and A4 to the East. As for the residents of the quais, they suffer an increase of 3 dB, or a doubling of the volume. From Le Parisien newspaper.

And we have the circus and the season to enjoy it most, here are an article on the Le Parisien newspaper that tries to choose between two circus families;

If you hesitate between Bouglione and Gruss for a session of Christmas circus, here is our comparison according to the Le Parisien newspaper.

  1. The animals. At Alexis Gruss, it’s 100% horses. Dressage demonstrations are impeccable. Bouglione, elephants are bluffing and the acrobats on their amazing back flips. The mini-       poneys patter in two shows, Gruss makes even spend time with the public for the enjoyment of the children.The costumes. Those of the Gruss singer inspired by Disney princesses dresses, with dresses in tulle, a little too much on the track. The Bouglione leotards are more varied, less flashy, different costumes of the Alberto Caroli clown perfectly adapted to her curves and his antics. Its large pants with straps or his costume leopard stick to the burlesque of the character.
  2. Originality. If the two shows are orchestrated to the millimeter, creativity award-winning side Bouglione, with its numbers of fly high, as the duo of rollers, where Mattleads Valentina in a whirlwind of figures to cut the breath. The deployment of two powerful athletes muscles impresses to the smallest. Gruss, equestrian prowess is arepetitive horsehair. Control of the horses is impeccable, certainly, but do pitch ten times standards of various colors finally tired. The final dance of the six couples of acrobats underwater is a successful bet.
  3. The music. Gruss on revivals, the voice of the singer, who serves as a red thread, can annoy and music vibrates too hard for the eardrums. The Bouglione Orchestra nicely accompanies the effects of surprise, the comic clowns.
  4. The scenography. Gruss has released the big technical means and made an effortby weaving a theme on the four elements. An overhead metal structure of 13 meters in diameter gives a dramatic touch and artistic feats in the air, in the sand under the water. The Surprise of Bouglione show is still more rhythmic, thanks to its humorous numbers.
  5. The numbers. They are more varied at Bouglione, which alternates light hoops, acrobatics, and contortionists, aerobatic… Gruss combines aerial acrobatic dances with theFarfadais troupe and Equestrian prowess. The juggling back of horses, the balances standing on the rear ends and leaps of part and on the other of the animal are incredible. But ultimately, Gruss is locked into repetitive numbers (juggling machetes, bowling, balls) and even the round of 28 horses on the track pulls lengthwise. The rollabolla (balance on a Board laid on a roll) definitely takes over at Bouglione, where apair of Russians held the balance on four levels.
  6. The laughter. They are absent in          Gruss and bad for children. At Bouglione, the provocations of the Italian clown arouse laughter and the sympathy of the public. Muriel in dress and basketball, and herboyfriend Scott black suit, hilarious burlesque magicians gives  a good communicative mood. They disappear with brio, come in boxes and invite a viewer on the track to get cut. Bouglione thought to inject a dose of comic relief, and it is successful.

Cirque Bouglione, Le Bouglione, show Surprise, at the Cirque d’hiver until February 26, 110, rue Amelot, in Paris (XIe). Rates: 10 € to €60. Tel.

Gruss, show Quintessence, crossroads of the Cascades, Porte de Passy (16éme), until February 19.Free shuttle to the exit of the metro/subway Porte d’Auteuil. Adult € 36 to € 70, child € 30 to € 45. Info on

The horizon of 2022, line 11 of the metro will be to Rosny (Seine-Saint-Denis) for new terminal. An extension of 6 km  (6 stations beyond hotel de ville de lilac) whose works were officially launched this weekend. Parisians can also rejoice because the 13 stations of the existing line will be upgraded in the program: creation of new access (hotel de ville, Belleville, Pyrénées, Telegraph, Porte de lilac, hotel de ville de lilac), new releases (Goncourt, Belleville) simple but also cutting an additional hallway for stations Châtelet and Jourdain, installation of escalators (Chatelet, hotel de ville, Belleville (, Pyrenees, Porte des Lilas) or elevators (Telegraph, Porte des Lilas, hotel de ville de Lilas)…improvements always to a diehard public transport system.

The pretty small Przewalski horses homes are slowly falling apart… The “factory” or le Fabrique- the horses paddock rich of its fifteen small pavilions inspired by the cottages of the hamlet of Marie-Antoinette at Versailles – needs a substantial restoration.   And as the Museum lack of money, the Heritage Foundation and the national Museum of natural history, which depends on the Menagerie of the jardin des plants, decided to react by launching a call for donations.

The factory  ( les fabriques de la Ménagerie) is classified as historical monuments. Its very 19C cottages (1890) stone, brick or wood, covered with thatch are damaged at the level of coverage and the masonry. Lovers of this unique place in Paris can make donations of 20€ to 1,000€ (tax-deductible)   In return, contributors will receive a thank you on a panel near the factory, a letter of electronic information, invitations to annual pass for the menagerie.And more here:

Ever wandered on a day the  Saint-Denis Basilica reach its highest arrow 86 meters high and demolished in 1846? Can we rebuild a tower demolished 170 years ago, downtown?  Yes, says the study. The metro or the regulations of the Bourget airport are incompatible with its construction.  Available the information required to rebuild this tower the same? Yes, sure Jacques Moulin. His file contains  hundreds of documents, sometimes very old, from the library hundreds of architecture and heritage information of the city of Charenton, the National Archives of Fontainebleau,  which precisely describes the operations of reassembly of the arrow.An inventory has helped to identify 300 stones of the old Tower, found in the gardens of the Basilica and at the excavation site.  “We found the complete mounting kit!” says Jacque Moulin. Now work on getting the permits and it can be possible; article from Le Parisien

The management of the train station Meaux currently provided by private enterprise Segar    whose contract will expire in September 2017.  A new contract is to be signed for the renewal. It is the first train station in the line P with over 14 000 passenger per day going mostly thru the Gare de l’Est or Paris Est . Unique because it is my wife’s native town, and I been there quite a bit over the years as now the family lives in villages all around it in the Meldoise region of the Marne.

The castle of Pierrefonds   the monument organizes workshops of two hours during which children can achieve maps pop ups of the Castle. A pine forest will take place in the room of the guards.  Shops will be December  18, 19, 21, 23, 26, 28 and 30 at  14h30. admission : 4,50 € children and  6 €  for accompanying adult.  Show at the price of admission. Réservation a must at tel +33 (0)

The Paris of Avedon and characters that drive it are narrated through 150 works in the exhilarating exhibition of the national library. “The France of Avedon” at the National Library of France, until Feb. 26. More here:

the great theater show of “42nd Street” of Harry Warren and Al Dubin. MS Stephen Mear. Paris, Theatre du Châtelet (tel +33 (0) 1 40 28 28 40). From 17 Nov. to January 8. 14h35. More here:

‘Petit Maitre ‘ is an intriguing piece, joined the repertoire of the French, but played only twice in 1734 (following a cabal). “The Petit Maitre of Marivaux. MS: Clément Hervieu-Léger. Comédie-Française,Salle  Richelieu (tel +33 (0) 1 44 58 15 15)  until April 24. 2017 14h45. More here:

Romeo and Juliet” were not on show at the Comédie-Française since 1954. “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare. Staging: Eric Ruf Paris, Comédie-Française (TEL +33 (0) 1 44 58 15 15), until May 30. 14h45. Until February 1, 2017. More here :

On the 18éme , things are moving,  Barbès will open a new place for music and the arts call 360 Paris Music Factory… Visite. More here:

And to close out this post, some anecdotes; do you know that Paris has about  6 290  public and private streets in 2012. Inside Paris the longest street is rue Vaugirard  that goes thru the  6eme and 15eme arrondissements with a lenght of 4 360 meters ! Not to confused with the boulevard périphérique that has about  35 000 meters or the avenue Daumesnil with 6 270 meters. The shortest is the rue des Degrès in the 2eme with only 5 meters 75 cm that is more like a staircase.  The oldest known street is the rue Saint-Jacques dating from at least the 1C AD, and it linked Paris with Etampes and Orléans in the Middle Ages.  The most steep street is not in Montmartre but in the 20eme arrondissement, this is the street rue Gasnier-Guy  with a 17,4 % inclination. Paris , also has 13 260 pedestrian crossings.  The street the most high is again not in Montmartre but in the 20eme arrondissement ,this is the rue du Télégraphe that is 128.508 meters in altitude. The narrowest street in Paris is the  rue du Chat qui Pêche which is only 1,8 meters wide.  The most expensive street in Paris is the avenue Montaigne in the 8éme that has a cost of about 17K euros in 2015 according to  Challenges et Meilleurs Agents. Streets name after woman, is only about 4% in Paris, according to survey from FranceTV or only  247 women. All in the leBonbon journal. Voilà c’est fini.



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