Rennes, the entry to Brittany and nice Christmas market

So yesterday Saturday was a cool, light rain, very foggy humid day in my Brittany. We had some errands to do , so even on this weather pattern and temps in the 10C or about 50F, we headed out to do them early in the morning. Going to the Castorama for paint for our basement, Besson for my shoes, Netto for some grocery shopping of major volume stuff, visiting La Halle for socks, and of course FNAC for our computer gifts for Christmas. And of course stopping by the Au fils des Lots store in Vannes where we saw a bargain for our natural northern pine Christmas tree for 10 euros!

So after doing all the above in precision clockwork fashion we decided to unwind and head for Rennes, and its Christmas market. I have written a couple posts on the city of Rennes, passing by it many times on business trip either on the airport outside the city or the train station in city center. Now it was a pleasant trip again.

We went by car of course, along the road D16 into Locminé where we took the road N24 straight into Rennes. Passing by the big football/soccer stadium into downtown or city center area around the Place du Colombier Christmas market area. The market will be open until December 31st here and from 10h to 20h; and each day there will be a showcase chalet of the 40 there present.

The area festivities are told here officially:

There are , also,chalets presentation at the Place du Parlement, and Place Hoche, (creation market until Dec 24th) until December 25th from 10h30 to 20h

We pick the Colombier square  because it is surrounded by lots of shops ,shopping centers and restos and walking distance from the train station and metro A station; both very good for those coming in public transport.  the STAR network tells you all about metro/subway/tube and bus services here :

The train station (gare de Rennes) is great with a wonderful bus station as well, next door.  I have used both the train and the intercity bus here.

and bus for the dept 35 Ille et Vilaine ,here,

As we came by car , only 1h40 from our house door to door, we saw the underground parkings all full  ,the city was busting with Christmas activity;so I headed for the train station not far from where we wanted to see anyway. The Gare Nord parking is great several floors of parking, we stay for about 3 hours and only paid 3,80€.  Here is more info in French:

Once landed, we walk, always the best way to see a city, etc. We took the direction along rue Gurvand  into rue de l’alma right into the place du Colombier and voilà the amusements rides and chalets of the Marché de Noêl.

The first you see are the amusement rides ,these were huge full of color and pack with youth and families. You buy the tickets as needed for the rides you want to take and you go. The rides were a bit wild for me hohoho! but the food of the chichis (churros) and  croustillant (fry balls of choux pastry) at Mignon were delicious. The ambiance fantastic.

We walked over the chalets where many merchants were selling trinkets of all sorts and more food like Comté cheeses, and sausages, and hot red and white wine, all around the shopping centers. The wonderful Mercure hotel where I have stayed is lavishly decorated in season’s motifs.

For memory the best looking rides or taken when kids were younger are the Grande Roué or Big Wheel, and the top spin balancing wheel. There are smaller rides like the go crazy cars bumpers and shooting gallery; plenty of coins machines with the tokens and food outlets.

The shopping centers are walking distance like at each end of the square Colombier (place du colombier) ,one is call the Centre Commercial Les 3 Soleils, has a Carrefour as anchor and 40 stores, next is the metro line A Charles de Gaulle.  The best info is from the Carrefour site here:

and the France Loisirs site:

The other is the centre commercial Colombia, where the stores are a bit more upscale but equally nice to browse and good ones such as H&M and Monoprix, Sephora, FNAC, and Yves Rocher. More here:

In all it is a nice Christmas market or Marché de Noêl , and Rennes is always nice to go, good town ambiance, of course great for youngsters as it is a major University town.  Enjoy the season, and Happy Holidays to all. We are not finished today is sangria day at home, and home made of course ::) Cheers

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2 Comments to “Rennes, the entry to Brittany and nice Christmas market”

  1. It looks lovely. I’ve just decorated our motorhome with Christmas decorations for our departure on Friday to Obernai, Alsace, where we spent Christmas last year and loved it. We are also popping over to Germany first for their famous Xmas markets. Can’t wait! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Nöel! 🎄🎄🎄


    • Obernai is lovely indeed manu yrs ago was There. Germany has them better we were last in Trier. This year we are staying Closer to home,Nantes is Next week. Then vacation do not know where yet lol!!! Merry Christmas indeed.

      Liked by 1 person

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