My Travels in the Morbihan XXVI

Well just glad can’t tell dates as thought was leaving today but actually is tomorrow  Sunday for Indonesia(two weeks)…lol!!!

Today got my rental car at the Auray (gare) train station ,an Avis agency and got me a FIAT 500 BL lol! When very young teen got my blazing hormones on the beach at Daytona Beach Florida driving a FIAT 131 that once in a while left me on the road for electrical cabling problems and needed to push hard to get the manual transmission going again.. Hope they make them better this time around ::)

We had our Beaujolais nouveau red wine celebration yesterday as for us it is already a tradition to have that young fruity mouthful and drank a few bottles of it with the family in addition to some goodies of cheeses and cold cuts. A family tradition, thank you , merci M. Georges Duboeuf ::) We try the Domaine du Pass Loup and it was wonderful clean fruity ,and great washdown drink. Done by the house of  Maison de Jean Loron (b. 1711)

And see in French the best of the Beaujolais nouveau from a local specialize magazine here(includes the two above bien sûr ):

And one I forgot, last Thursday went to have lunch at a resto outside of Vannes in the country , the town of Saint Nolff, very old church and nice traditional French restaurant. The L’Onde Verte , 12, rue des Lavandières, 56250 Saint Nolff tel +33 (0) 2 97 45 43 99. no webpage but they are in Facebook ::)

I had roasted tenderloin of Veal in a mushroom sauce with a crème brûlé dessert wash it down with Chinon red wine les Graviéres of Couly-Dutheil , more on the wine here:

The church has been mentioned by me before, it is the église  Saint-Mayeul , current Church dates from the 15C , Saint Mayeul was an abbot of Cluny.  The belltower dates from 1783, and pulpit and confessional  dates from the 19C; the windows stained glass is from 1882-1886, there is a statue of Saint Mayeul and a tomb of Jean de Gourvinec from 1423 and there was a private chapel to the family of Kerboulard. More from the city in French here:

I like to say for the memories I used to play indoor soccer or futsal in the gym of Saint Nolff in a corporate league ::) and was a starter , captain, and organizer of the league lol!!! Cheers

Now, eat, relax, pack and be ready for 13 hours Amsterdam Jakarta tomorrow lol! I will be back , stay tune, and enjoy your weekend wherever you are; happy travels!

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2 Comments to “My Travels in the Morbihan XXVI”

  1. Oooops! Bon voyage and hope car behaves this time round. Enjoy! 👍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. finally with access; yes all has been great and still half way lol!! Thanks


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