My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XIII

Today has been a day of rain storms by moments ,hard rain even grail and then calm; cloudy cool down to 6C and tomorrow more of the same with lows of 5C and highs of 10C.

We went out anyway to do our Christmas shopping which we have almost all done. Some items we will be over with my early December. We went to La Halles, Armand Thiery, FNAC, Micromania , and Carrefour to do our shopping today and yesterday as I had two off days.

Yesterday was my twin boys birthday already 23!!! wow time does flies when having fun ::) We went to eat at their chosen place Tablapizza in Vannes.

Tomorrow I pick up a rental car at the gare d’Auray train station as Sunday will need to go to Nantes Atlantique airport.

The reason been, will travel on business to Indonesia for two weeks! Nantes, Amsterdam, and Jakarta. Then coming back will be Jakarta, Amsterdam, Nantes airport , take express airport bus to Nantes train station and take the regional TER train Nantes to Auray.

Therefore, will be away from the blog for a while . In the end it’s an opportunity to see more of Indonesia a country have been already 7 times!

The weather in Nantes will be about the same but that in Jakarta will be a lot hotter and rainy temps will go to 34C to down to 27C!!!

I have written posts on Indonesia here before just do a search on my blog as well as about the city of Nantes. It will tied the longest period away from home and doing some in country work so will be very busy and taunting but will do, with more ideas on travel in our world as well as an opportunity to see old friends again.

In the meantime, be good , stay healthy, and happy travels to all. Cheers




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2 Comments to “My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XIII”

  1. Getting cold here too. I can’t think of Christmas shopping till December! Enjoy your trip to Jakarta. I look forward to seeing your pictures. 💗


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