My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XII

Today Saturday,  was a rainy cool day as well as cloudy, the winter days are coming fast………………. temps are 12C or about 57F. We set out for a brief ride into our city center/downtown and to seek a new merchant for us.

Even if already living for 3 years in Pluvigner, we have loads of merchants and sights to see. As said in previous posts so much to see elsewhere sometimes we find very little time to concentrate in our own town lol!

We arrive by car to the Place du Marché  a nice smallist picturesque square right at the junction of several streets and road 102. Here you come around on the D102 and past by the front of our main Church Saint Guigner.  There is a nice monument to the fallen behind it, and already very much describe in previous posts in my blog.

The idea of this simple morning walk in city center was to try finally (after passing by it several times) the La Fondue de Chocolat. 3 rue de l’église, diagonally in front of the Church of Saint Guigner. This is a great shop and one we certainly will be back. The webpage in French here :

The store is smallish, but packed with all kinds and shapes of chocolate items, wines, liquors, pates, miel ;coffees, cookies, jellies and snacks from many leading producers even as far as Provence. However, the main thing is the chocolate.

We purchase blocks of it dark and milk with different fruits mix in, as well as fruit bars, dry fruits, local roasted coffee, and mango papaya jelly. The ballotin or box of mix chocolates freshly made on site by a master chocolatier is a treat to have this special weekend. Well worth the detour if in the area.

We went on to do our errands of more building materials (Castorama Vannes) for doing the basement of our house into a second home, and the groceries at E Leclerc Auray. And now nicely had our lunch and winding down the day on leisure time waiting for the football game Spain vs Macedonia for the 2018 World Cup qualifying in Russia.

The nights are becoming colder but we are basking in nice comfort with our new stone heat modern heaters for warmer nights coming up. The lunch with our apéro porto Ramos Pinto Adriano Reserva and go along the peas and pork dish with a red wine Le Loup dans la Bergere  2015  of Jean Orliac Languedoc.

Enjoy your Saturday wherever you may be, Cheers!!

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2 Comments to “My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XII”

  1. I like the sound of La Fondue de chocolat and that mango and papaya jelly has to be a ‘must try’ delicacy.


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