How about those blog statistics anyone !

Here I am on a Sunday evening , looking at an HBO series Expert Mahanttan with a cold day out and already dark like winter time or fall time rather. And thinking about those reports we get at the end of the year from WordPress; do you read them?

They come with all kinds of statistics about your blog and what you have done. I rather concentrate on my work to entertain myself and family first, and then any positive minded reader who comes along. It seems to me there is even some sort of competition on readership lol!

I have been in several travel forum over the years and left them all except one small not too busy one , rather keep posting my owns adventures and sharing it with the normal world.

I have decided to look at my numbers with the help of wandering a bit into WordPress. Here is what I have found.

I started on WordPress after advice from a friend in Madrid who told me it was easy to work for the non technical guy in me and it has been so. It was November 2010 so holy cow already 6 years !!!!!

After already not counting this one 891 posts in my blog, come to realize my best viewing day was December 10, 2012! with 972 views!

My best view pages or posts have been: My best restaurants in Versailles, Paris at night and Christmas 2010, London cosmopolitan, and San Cristobal de la Habana.

The most commented post has been Versailles and it’s historical Churches with 172!!!! wow and we do have a palace there lol!

I have 292 other blogs following mine an honor ,thank you all. Never in my wildest dreams would I thought to have these many reading my blog wow! There are about 10 steady commenters and one terrific one , and my wish is to have more comments, constructive comments that is.

The countries that have most folks viewing my blog are in order: France, USA, Germany, UK, Spain,Canada,Brazil, Belgium, Italy,and Australia! thanks

The year of great activity with most views was 2012 with 120 701, and the one with the most visitors was 2103 with 27 140. However, it seems that 2016 even if not over year will break all records (finally! thanks) So far I have 44 209 views, 16 646 visitors,569 likes and 105 comments. So it seems I will beat all time records in Likes and Comments for sure.

There are a total of 16 pages on front page, 12 categories of posts and 12 tags with 14 links in the blogroll bottom of page. There are over 10000 photos already here wow!!!

I am sure WordPress will have better numbers to tell beginning of 2017 for 2016. In the meantime, thanks for reading mine and sharing yours, and happy healthy travels to all. Enjoy your week, I will have a short one, back on vacation and then business travel to exotic country in Asia, and finally my Christmas break vacation. Cheers.



3 Comments to “How about those blog statistics anyone !”

  1. I look at the statistics from time to time, as I find it interesting. I started blogging in October 2011 after a suggestion from my son and have never regreted it, as I have met some wonderful and ineresting people like you. 👍


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