The towns of the Presqu’île de Rhuys in the Morbihan Breton!

Friday 11 November was a day off here or Armistice day 1918 the end of WWI ,in some other countries such as the USA it is Veteran’s Day. A day to remember especially in Europe from those awful days past, never to be repeated.

So we took off to some areas we have been before but not in a while right in our wonderful backyard of the Morbihan.

 We took our car and rode on the N165 to the exit for Sarzeau and got on the D780 road. We were headed for the Presqu’île de Rhuys . We decided not to head first to the better known areas and took some country roads such as the D195 and D20 before getting back into the D780 main road.

Here we past first by the town of Noyalo; part of the new community of Theix-Noyalo since the beginning of the year. You have their new page here with a nice introductory video:

The thing that stands out here is the Church of Sainte Anne. Before past the pont de Noyalo bridge past the lake on the leisure park of Brural. You can see the lake of 58 ha and fishing is allow. But going back to the Church, built in the 18C replacing a older sanctuary dedicated to Sainte Brigitte. The Church you see now was built in various stages over a long period of time even to 1904. The stained glass windows go back to only 1951. More from the city page in French here:

We continue to the next village ,that of Surzur. The town has an oceanic feeling crisscross by several small creeks and rivers. It ,also, has several chapels and manors or big homes almost like castles all over the territory. The one we stopped by was the Chappelle de Sainte Hélène. It has a nice simple façade with nice main door dating from the 17C and on top a small bell tower in stone.  The windows are older and of gothic era. The interior is simple  with several nice statues such as the one on Sainte Hélène, The Virgin, Sainte Marguerite, Sainte Thérèse, Saint Mathurin.  We syphon the city center seeing in the distance the Church of Saint Symphorien (Roman style from the 11C)as there was work going on in city center. We continue to the Cidrerie Nicol with it’s wonderful cider products already tasted here but it was a holiday so was closed. I always think it is better to buy at the source so we will be back here.

More on the Chappelle and plenty more to come back lol!!

The cider producer Nicol is here :

We took a turn back into the main road to reach the main town of Sarzeau. Again a visit was pleasant and not crowded for a Holiday.  You come into literary history here as it is the native town of Alain René Lesage (1668 -1747), a writer that wrote of his times with inspiring work known by us such as the Le Diable boiteux, Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane, and theater plays such as Turcaret, and  La Tontine etc.  One of the greatest actors of the 18C he has a bust in front of the hotel de ville or city hall of Sarzeau. The always wonderful Sarzeau has many manoirs, castles ,Chappelle’s , fountains of historical value all around and worth a detour. The one we like is the Church of Saint Saturnin right in city center. The original was from 1670 now current one is from 1883, as well as the wonderful Chateau de Suscinio, more here in French :

We past by on the parking of the Port de Crouesty seeing the Church of Notre Dame de l’Assomption in Arzon, (1815 but renovations up to 1920) but we went to the boat pleasure marina for a leisure walk and lunch.

The tourist office for this area or peninsula in the Morbihan is here:

And we arrive at Port de Crouesty. A harbor paradise we love. This is a huge pleasure boat bay all around are shops and restos, tourist office , spa like Miramar La Cigale hotel , the megaliths stones of Petit Mont  ,and great views any time. We have done  bike riding in tandem with Abbis Location, and eaten in several of its restaurants as well as shopping like today ::) I have taken some additional photos of these here.

Here is what I mean for the Petit Mont megalith stones:

Abbis location and the tandem bike we like !

The Miramar La Cigale for a wonderful relaxing time ::)

info on the pleasure boat harbor of port de Crouesty :

Been a Holiday some shops were on reduce hours but open. We did our shopping in our favorites La Trinitaine, and La Belle Iloise stores for goodies from the sea.

And of course, we ate at a new place, O’Brothers bistro (by L’Equinoxe) at 7 Quai des Cabestans . This has a nice terrace covered and facing the quays of the harbor; then a fix building with a hallway between it and the terrace. Inside is cozy and very friendly. We as most arrive after regular lunch hours but so what, we settled for nice pizzas and good cold beers. The giant screen TV allowed to watch the PSG vs Rennes (4×0) first League 1 football/soccer replay as well as the first half of the Brazil vs Argentina (3×0) World Cup 2018 qualifier’s. We had rounds of leffe beers and the owner server counted wrong and came in with a third round, so we say no problems leave it, and he said ok this one is on me !!! Can’t beat the good old Breton positive side of things.. in the Morbihan of course.

Enjoy the Prequ’île de Rhuys a wonderful peninsula of wonders to see and enjoy with the whole family or alone. Cheers

Arzon  Noyalo  Noyalo  Port du Crouesty   Port du Crouesty  Port du Crouesty  Port du Crouesty  Port du Crouesty  Port du Crouesty  Port du Crouesty  Port du Crouesty  Sarzeau  Sarzeau  Sarzeau  Sarzeau  Sarzeau  Sarzeau  Surzur  Surzur  Surzur

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