A trip to nice outer Brittany, Nantes

Revolutionary ramblings for many years (1941) outside of Brittany but historically always in the heart of the Breton, the area of Nantes is a great visit always.

I was there again for a short visit last Wednesday and as always went by a new area of the Place du Général Mellinet. The tourist office is here: http://www.nantes-tourisme.com/en

Nantes is a modern wide and vibrant medium size city in the Loire-Atlantique dept 44 just south of mine and the city is about 1h30 from my house by car.

I have always indicated the car travel is my favorite but once you are in this modern city the buses and great tramways are a must to try.  You can find the different transport choices in the tourist page here: http://www.nantes-tourisme.com/en/getting-around

The tramway line 1 François Mitterrand to Beaujoire/Ranzay is great and clean efficient and see all above ground. Also, the C1 circular bus route and the regular bus 23 all passes to the main points in the city and the pl Mellinet. The transport network there is TAN, webpage here: https://www.tan.fr/fr/menu/se-deplacer/tan/plans/

Bear in mind, the train station is very good here and direct access to Paris Montparnasse as well as CDG airport. There is a nice airport at  Bouguenais just outside with express airport bus service to the train station every day for 8€ one way. This is the Aéroport Nantes Atlantique .


regional express trains (TER) site for the same station is here: http://www.ter.sncf.com/pays-de-la-loire/gares/87481002/Nantes/prochains-departs


The area around the square of Mellinet (before called  Place Launay) has many wonderful old mansions all historical monuments classify here and the architecture and the grandeur is well visible.  In all , it was a quick visit but always nice to be back whether with the family or alone like Wednesday, Nantes is a nice town and plenty of historical monuments to see not the least the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany!!!

Bought the Bertrand Saint-Bern by the brothers Allard and Vauloup family , the new owners immediately razed the castle in 1826.

Some of the history from the tourist office and city of Nantes:

The construction of the mansions is extended from 1828 to 1874. The thus realized program represented a unique example in Nantes from the architecture of the restoration .  It is bordered by eight mansions each with a park at  the rear of the building.  These buildings have all identical  style façade restoration in perfect symmetry relative to the other, whose plans, drawn up in 1827,between these hotels, lead eight arteries forming four axes (two main axes formed by two secondary axes made of streets and boulevards), which are in the direction of clockwise from North : boulevard Paul Langevin, the rue Belleville, boulevard Launay, the rue Rollin, and boulevard Saint-Aignan, the rue Mellier, Allard boulevard and the rue Richer.

In the Middle, is a square plan surrounded by four groups of five, circular with a diameter of about 70 meters, and  lime trees in the center of which stands a statue of general Mellinet cast-iron , about 6 meters in height. which was built four years after the completion of the square in 1878 at the site of the former castle  . On the base of the monument there is a simple inscription engraved “Général Mellinet  1798-1894”

Enjoy the city if in the area, and we could meet there too. Cheers and enjoy your Veterans Day or Armistice Day or whatever you call you to honor our military heroes.

 Nantes  Nantes  Nantes  Nantes

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