Some news from France CXLVII

And here we are already with lower temps down to 2C this evening or about 35F, no snow here in lovely Brittany but the white one was fell in Paris and the île de France region. Of course not even in the Alps have too many 10-20 cm in most or about 4-8 inches!

However, back to the coast and lovely if cold weather in the Morbihan we will be up to 8C,

Some other things going on in France in no particular order are:

CDG express tax postponed to 2024. Closing the track Pompidou traject becomes double for businesses in the capital.

Monday, 7 November, in the morning, the inhabitants of ïle-de-France were surprised to discover the snow since dawn in the Paris area. These early flakes have to worry drivers. The “snow-ice Paris plan”, which aims to clear roads in the event of weather disturbance, starts officially on November 15. This may well do not facilitate traffic that already has a record of traffic jams on Monday: more than 540 kilometres of traffic jams blocked roads at 9h, 20 kilometers more than the last peak, identified a few days after the attacks on 13 November. Snow in island of France region includes Paris

Vendée globe this time was installed quai Branly (7éme), at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Admission is free and during the almost three months of racing, the general public will be able to familiarize themselves with the offshore racing. Is open every day between 10h and 18h. Free admission.

Advertising in a giant scale. Huge. Such is the dome of more than 80 meters high  covering the Church of St. Augustin  now visible to the boulevard Malesherbes. About three years ago that the Church is hemmed in ugly scaffolding. La Madeleine (for restoration, during one year, the cornice, estimated to be 3 M€) and Church of Saint-Eustache (the façade and  garden scheduled up to the end of 2018 at a cost of 2.4 M€) gave their blessing for those who will be installed in the next few days. More here:

The Carrousel du Louvre, with its elegant shopping gallery and its exhibitions and receptions shows just a revolution. This Tuesday night, it is a renovated commercial spaces that will be inaugurated.  At 99, rue de  Rivoli (1eme), first a new canopy which hosts thousands of visitors of this famous address. It replaces the old awning canvas a little dated. Viparis is a home of 1 300 m2 and a ceiling height of 4.8 meters. with its four other existing salons, these are 7125 m2 of rooms that open within the Louvre. What to deal with the fierce competition of events  spaces like the Palais Brongniart (2éme) or the all-new  Carré du  Temple (3éme). More here:

By 2021, the T10 tramway, declared of public utility by the prefect a few weeks ago, must link Antony to Clamart, Châtenay-Malabry and Le Plessis-Robinson. More in French here:

For the inauguration of the Museum Raymond Devos, established in the House he occupied in Saint-Rémy-les-Chevreuse,more here:

Art comes to the airport Charles de Gaulle: for three weeks, 470 advertising screens scattered throughout the terminals will expose 80 images from the photographer Dominique Issermann, in the form of films. Do not miss this rare exposition of the French artist. Until 23 November. More here:

All at the beach: The cité of architecture and heritage takes us on vacation through a vast panorama of the history of the seaside cities in France and Europe. Architecture, urban planning, artwork and everyday objects tell the gradual conquest of the seaside . Until February 13.  More here:

The ambition of this exhibition is to exceed the images of Epinal and to study the personality, representations, the tastes and lifestyle of one of the greatest princes of the Grand Siècle. Until 30 September: every day and holidays from 10h to 18h. From October 1 to November 1: all the days and holidays except Tuesday from 10h to 18h ; From 3 November to 31 December: every day and holidays except Tuesday from 10h to 17h. From January 1 to January 2, 2017: Monday Sunday holidays from 10h to 17h. Admission 10€  Castle of Chantilly in the museum. More here:

And let’s do some wines with a French twist:  In 1880, a Finnish Gustav Niebaum, age 38, then at the head of a prosperous shipping company that he founded in San Francisco, offers his young wife to make wine in Bordeaux. But Susan refuses to leave his native California. And Gustav fells for the West slopes of the Napa, Rutherford, a bit South of Santa Helena. There, in the Valley of the Wild West, he built the first true great vineyards of California. Pioneer and visionary, Niebaum “invent”, at the end of the 19C, the selective sorting of the grapes at harvest, the reception by gravitation of the harvest, regulates the temperature of the winery… When, a century later, Francis Ford Coppola acquires Inglenook to make his summer home, it takes  only a few years to grasp the immense potential of this vineyard of 100 hectares. In the mid-80s, he launched a top cuvee range, which he called Rubicon.  Above all, faithful to the spirit of the Inglenook of Niebaum Coppola attaches to do the most French of the wines of the Napa. Not only by its grape varieties – cabernet sauvignon-, but also by a vinification and a farm dedicated to the finesse. Built on elegant, bright fruit after a first nose slightly peppered, the 2011 is very atypical of his region and vintage. This is more an attempt, it is a success. Rubicon 2011, Napa Valley, 175 EUR Inglenook. You can find here in St Emilion,

At the Danton the contents of the dishes are at the height of the good chef that is Alexis Pouly, passed through the kitchen of the Grand Véfour and the George V in Paris. The number of places limited to 28. How much: 21 to 47 euros menu. Where is it: 8, Danton, 69003 Lyon Street. Tel +33 (0) 4 37 48 00 10.More here :

Away from the very popular place de la  contrecarpe, almost incongruous in this corner of French Paris,Lilane ,offers  no frills but the products worked and presence of the dishes attest the wonderful soft-boiled eggs meurette, small Bacon and chanterelles; the supreme of pigeon in almond crust or the net of hake (perfectly cooked), risotto with chorizo and old Parmesan. Or even figs toast, crumble almond and ice yoghurt. A framework and a value that remind of friendly province gourmet tables ,just great . How much: Starter-main course-dessert at 35 euros the night. Where is it: graceful Street, 75005 Paris. Tel. +33 (0) 1 45 87 90 68.  More here:

The Moulin de la Galette, on the butte Montmartre, this is a kind of Parisian monument in front of which we can be all day. The old mill, built in the 17C, which was still producing flour and wine in the 19C, lived a thousand lives. Former property of Debray (that of Régis) family, it transformed into a tavern, then in the restaurant. Its recent history, he owes to Cédric Barbier, a digital  ex-entrepreneur  who bought and smartly renovated. Above the bar, thanks to a transparent ceiling, you can see the mill mechanism. When the weather is nice, the terrace opens its arms. As prices are more than reasonable, 50€ à la Carte, 23€  for the formula breakfast. We would like to live across the street. The Moulin de la Galette, 83, rue Lepic, Paris 18éme. Tel.+33 (0) 1 46 06 84 77.More here

Charles Aznavour in concert on 21 December 2016 to December 28, 2016 at the Palais des sports – Paris. He who recently got finally and well deserve a star in Hollywood blvd CA USA. More here:

Lille , nearby home of family taken here and family recommended to go to this militant canteen-loft, of the capers of the bear garlic replace pepper, chicory steals the show at the cafe and it revels in blondes, redheads or Brunettes beers on some amazing pears samurais mackerel of Dunkirk or these Jerusalem artichokes, buckwheat seeds and malt syrup to fall. A wild, uncompromising, and wonderfully inventive kitchen that transcends the Flemish soil. Bloempot: 22rue des bouchers. Book 2 months in advance on the website. Open every day except Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evening, 12-14h, and 19-21h. Lunch 19,50€-25€ and tasting menu ‘the eyes closed”€34 – 40€-50€.

This baroque sanctuary of the waffle with vanilla of Madagascar since 2008 has a gourmet restaurant. Nomadic and elegant, the kitchen of Maxime Schelstraete, young chef spent his time in England and Australia, if offers the luxury of working lobster or truffles between two flavours besides and merges wild squid and smoked salt, langoustines and zaatar Lebanese, a tradition in Lille, Meert: 27 rue Esquermoise, Tel +33 (0) 3 20 57 93 93. Open from Tuesday to Saturday, 12-14h and 19h30-22h, Sunday 11h – 14h. Menu of the market 29€-€35, Discovery Menu 45€-70€. More here:

“Fou de Pain or Crazy bread” (which the bakery is considered to be the best of Lille) has built an artificial river to purify and energize its water, is passionate about the long fermentation, use organic flours and of trouble imitating human gesture. Result: cracking  unctuous honey  loaves guarantees 100% natural and a masterpiece, fine tart clementines chiselled to the knife in Japanese gold.  Alex Croquet: 66 rue Esquermoise, open every day except Sunday 7h30 – 19h30.  More soon here: and more here from the tourist office;

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