Quiberon, peninsula, gorgeous always our best beach in the Morbihan!

Folks come here from all the corners of France, the favorite spot according to several travel publication and the local tourist authority. It is, also, very well frequented by foreigners such as British, German, Irish etc etc. It is a peninsula or presqu’île just about 45 minutes from my house driving south to the Atlantic ocean. This is Quiberon.

I have written several posts on it which you can find just by going to the search section in front right side of my blog and typing Quiberon. It is so much to see around here that sometimes I think I take too long and coming to a spot, and so it has been the case with Quiberon. On a long weekend off, it was time to revisit the peninsula and take the leisure drive down D768 to a short ride on the N165 and back again on the D768 straight down Quiberon on the “normal” road or take the more exciting Côte sauvage along the ocean cliff hanging walls.

The town has 11 beaches ! and even on cool days like now it has plenty of family visitors with kids playing in the sands. These beaches are call grande plage(the best),plage du Goviro,  plage du Conguel, plage de la Jument, plage de l’Aérodrome, plage du Fort Neuf,  plage du Porigo, plage de Kermorvan, plage du Castéro,plage de la  Thalasso,  and plage de Saint Julien. There is a lighthouse at the end call the Phare de la Teignouse. However, there is also a lighthouse by the grande plage in the port maria area with a green top.

You have trails upon trails of bike rides on wonderful coastal beach areas all over the peninsula. A great fortress now a military outpost but historical place of sad memories of WWII , and harbor marinas all over like Port Haliguen where you have another nice lighthouse. See , also, the nice Church or Église Notre-Dame de Locmaria.

The tourist office site is here : http://www.quiberon.com/

the Port Haliguen is here: http://www.passeportescales.com/fr/port-haliguen-quiberon

The Church of Notre Dame de Locmaria and the city webpage here: http://ville-quiberon.fr/evenements/journees-europeennes-du-patrimoine/eglise-notre-dame-de-locmaria-et-son-clocher

here are some info on the beaches ; http://en.quiberon.com/quiberon-uk/principal-uk/what-do/beaches-quiberon

and a site I use all over France on the beaches, here are on Quiberon in English: http://en.plages.tv/seaside-resorts/quiberon-56170

from the boat terminal or gare maritime you can see some wonderful islands especially do not miss Belle-île-en-Mer : http://en.quiberon.com/quiberon-uk/principal-uk/discover/islands-closed-quiberon

The promenade along the ocean is wonderful any day of the year even in winter as we have done.  A walk along the Esplanade Hoche is nice near the grande plage beach and our best resto area as well as near the parking Vazquez.  And do not forget the fisherman depot where the local fish catch comes in every morning and you get all fresh right there, the Cooperative Maritime Du Sud Morbihan at 2 Quai d’Houat.

Of course, we could not spent a day without trying a resto even if close to home. We stopped by Le Bistrot du Port right almost across the boat passenger terminal or gare maritime. Very nicely serve all decorated like a boatyard and cozy tables inside with a small terrace in front. We had some beers just to enjoy the ambiance as decided not so hungry and home is near anyway. We had a selection of Breton beers from my favorite Duchesse Anne.  From the tourist office on the bistrot here: http://en.quiberon.com/to-eat/breweries/811600-le-bistrot-du-port

You will be delighted to come to this ocean beach heaven of the Morbihan, my best place and you are welcome. Enjoy some new photos now.

 Quiberon  Quiberon  Quiberon  Quiberon  Quiberon  Quiberon  Quiberon

2 Comments to “Quiberon, peninsula, gorgeous always our best beach in the Morbihan!”

  1. We loved Quiberon, especially the foam from the sea shooting upwards that falls down like snow! I am not surprised it is so popular among tourists as it is simply gorgeous, a bit like Cornwall and Galicia.
    I’ll look out for that beer next time. Cheers!


    • indeed along the côte sauvage or wild coast from pontivy to quiberon is wonderful cliff hanging spectacle. Do not know Cornwall but know what you mean by Galicia! Breton beers are pretty good actually lol! We can have one anytime.

      Liked by 1 person

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