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October 30, 2016

My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton XI

And here we are in the eve of Halloween in one of the most Celtic regions of the World, Brittany or Bretagne or Breizh. In the only department (or state or province) in France that is not French but Breton language, Morbihan or Mor=sea bihan=small or petite mer or small sea.

And this is my town , Pluvigner, Breton is Pleuwigner. Arises of the fact that Plu is the root of parrish and vigner is a contraction of Guigner or Saint Guigner who came from Ireland is now back in the 400’s to evangelise the region. We have the Church of Saint Guigner now the current one dates from the 16C.

We love to travel and sometimes we go out so much that we spent little time in our own town. So much friendly folks in a country time warp of a city of about 7000 people. If you follow the Roman numeral in my blog search area you can read all the other posts about it here.

We set out by car (lazy yes) to the main square Place Saint Michel, and there we notice the children’s playground and field where many activities are held, especially the antique cars event; walking we past by the favorite bar in town Le Stadium bar and just after the nice hotel to stay in town if passing by La Croix Blanche with a shot of the main artery of the town or the D16, avenue Général de Gaulle.

As we agreed we needed to know our town better, we head out for lunch to the Au Gout du Jour restaurant. This is a workers cantine open to the public as we are in an agricultural area, many come here to eat. Very French no tourists, and real chow from the country. And of course, who says France is expensive? only if you follow the travel guides written by foreigners, of course.

At the Au Gout du Jour, you have very nice friendly folks where eaten is like a family and patrons know each other. The food changes every day but it is a long list of items. We had for entrée a plate of cold cuts and mussels in tomato sauce, then a turkey roll stuffed with hams and a dauphine sauce, later came a plate of cheeses from camembert to goats, to emmentale , follow by the dessert of a banana and coconut cake in an English sauce; of course all watch down with house red wine, lemonade, and water in a bottle! All for 11,50€ per person!!!

And we took it from there to do more errands in Vannes before heading back home.  temps were nice about 12C or 55F and sunny and no rain! Now step back and enjoy the rest of my four days holiday to think of what to do next. Enjoy your weekend and happy Halloween to those celebrating it. Cheers


Ville/town page of Pluvigner

 Pluvigner  Pluvigner

Enjoy my town, Cheers!



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