Halloween is coming around again! and more…

We are approaching the best part of the year for me. First , I have a four day holiday break lol! fantastic time to rest even from those travel days. Then, on the 31st October we have Halloween and on 1st November we have All Saints Day(Toussaint).

As it have it the best are around the big cities such as Paris. In my neck of the wood all is quiet and only private parties and association/churches etc.

You have a Halloween party at the Chateau Parc de Thoiry, scary ride in the laberinth from Saturday, Sunday, and Monday  ,admission from 18h30 to 19h30. You ,then have a Murder Party Sunday and Monday at 20h15 . Admission from 21 to 29€. 20 minutes from Versailles in Thoiry dept 78 Yvelines, best by car , bus on schedule school vacation from Montfort L’Amaury. By car from Paris, take the A13 autoroute direction Rouen at the porte d’Auteuil. Connect with the autoroute A12 direction Rambouillet and then the N12 direction Dreux, go out on panel Thoiry on the road D76 continue straight turning into the road D11 direction Thoiry, you will see the parc chateau panels. More info here: https://www.thoiry.net/en/how-find-us

You have another at France Miniature park, to Monday November 1, from 13h ,admission from 15€. You will see jogglers, magicians, clowns and plays all over the park.  This is France monuments at a scale size only 25 kms from Versailles, you get there by public transport as visitors will use this more , From inside Paris, Montparnasse or La Défense, take the train until La Verrière. Then a bus network will take you to the park such as bus 411, and 412 reach the stop France Miniature.more info here: http://www.franceminiature.fr/en/halloween-france-miniature

Until October 31 you have it at the Musée Grévin for kids 9h to 19h and adults 20h to midnight, admission is 15€; reach it at 10 bd Montmartre with metro lines 8 and 9.  more here: http://www.grevin-paris.com/fr/actus/oserez-vous-tenter-l-experience

At Chessy see Halloween in Disneyland, until Wednesday November 2nd. admission 39 to 45€ . Big is the night of Halloween on October 31 to 0h1 morning. more and better explain in French here : http://www.disneylandparis.fr/evenements/halloween-a-disneyland-paris/#

At the more French parc Asterix you have Halloween too. Until November 2nd , open from 18h to midnight on October 29-30-31 and admission is 38€. You will see new attractions just for the times of a haunted house, where the spirits of some errands pharaohs and a 3D film on Frankenstein. There is the House of Fears for the most daring ones but also, haunted streets or sorcery roads. More here : https://www.parcasterix.fr/en/shows-and-events

For the more active crowds , a great place I know and for Halloween should be superb is the Barramundi club with music from the 80’s and 90’s. 23h30 to 05h30(morning) Girls free, Guys 10€ with pass or 15€ otherwise. The club Le Barramundi has a ethnic decoration from the four corners of our world, sofas in red velours and a latest generation sound system. It is at 3 rue Taitbout (9éme) metro Richelieu-Drouot ,lines 8 or 9.  Print you Pass here (print as many as in your party) : http://www.parisetudiant.com/etudiant/sortie/generation-80-90-en-mode-halloween-filles-gratuit-3/imprimer/pass.html

And on October 31 go up to the top of Montparnasse, 19h to the sunrise! you can print a Pass for a discount  here: http://www.parisetudiant.com/etudiant/sortie/halloween-sur-les-toits-de-paris-afterwork-soiree/imprimer/pass.html

10€ with discount and drink included for the Girls and Boys 15€. superb ambiance guarantee at the LE TOUT LE MONDE EN PARLE on top of the  Galeries Lafayette and C&A stores at the foot of the Tour Montparnasse
4, rue du départ (15eme), get there by Metro lines 4, 6, 12, and 13 montparnasse bienvenue. More here in French: http://www.masoireeaparis.fr/evenement/105/halloween-sur-les-toits-de-paris-(afterwork—soiree)

For the Toussaints or All Saints Day falling on November 1st as a holiday here. This was created by the Pope Boniface IV in 610AD.  On the believers side, it is an important moment in the liturgy as the Day of all the Saints and the occasion to celebrate the example of the Saints. For the non believers it is a day to celebrate the memory of the near family members and to pay a visit to the Cementary. This is not to be confuse with the the All Dead’s Day or All Soul’s Day that takes place the November 2nd. However, folks just go the cementaries on November 1st and even from before over to the Holiday.

What is the link between the two Halloween and All Saints Day, well; most have it that it is a legacy of  Samhain, an ancient Celtic religious holiday marking the beginning of the “dark” season. In Ireland, some monks would have transformed the former worship in Catholic ritual at the time of the conversion of the island, in the middle ages. Costumes and lights were used to find peace with the spirits. The practice would have crossed the Atlantic with the British and Irish immigrants, before flourishing in the United States under the name of Halloween (contraction of “Hallowed evening”, i.e. “the Holy, Holy Night”). On the continent, the eve of all Saints Day was also an important aspect: in France, you take vigil  in the cemeteries, while in medieval Spain, we ring the bells to await the night of October 31.

There you go a bit of educational information. Now let’s get out and enjoy Halloween and then remember stronger our loves gone by. And I am ready ::)




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