And the third time is a charm, Prague and the rest.

Well we are talking about the third lucky charm coming back to Prague, this time took some time into the countryside and even into Slovakia. Hurry trip by car moving fast and eating on road stops but now I saw more of a pretty country.

The tourist offices for the Czech Republic and Slovakia are here:

I arrive this time as usual thru Prague Vaclac Havel airport. It is in the nearby town of Lestice. And arriving on Terminal 2 is a breeze;more here:

The difference was that I always get a taxi and never a problem,only once had to haggle over a price but was easily settled in my favor. This time I hire the Prague Airport Transfer service for a flat 550 CZK or about 21€ English spoken nice ride and good driver.

I did some ride into town and did some walking until finally settling into my hotel. A new place very inexpensive and very nice, I have already experience knowing the investment guys in the St Christopher’s in Paris, but here it is call Penzion U Krystof in Praha 10 (10th district of Prague).

It was new ,also, to have lunch at the road rest stops like Benzina,Mol, and Viva along the road 1 and into Slovakia.

And of course the Czech motorway info page is very good for car travel there:

I did had lunch at a nice stop hotel restaurant Atrium near Brno;

Nice friendly and no English Pizza Next on 131 Zabehlicka street Praha 10, real good pizzas and a nice pint of Pilsner Urquel beer. all for 6€ lol! Cannot find a webpage for them but it is near the Hamr tennis complex on the above street.

Talking about the Hamr tennis sports complex, this is superb, and nice modern facilities. Even a soccer/football local match to watch, and great food at the Piazza d’Oro terrace restaurant overlooking the lake Hamersky. too bad is only in Czech, but the facilities are full, the restaurant was goulasch , rice and a nice krusovice beer for 4€ ;more here:

I drove by Brno and Bratisalva in Slovakia as well as visit smaller towns like Kurosov, Budmerice, Ostrokevice, and Radnov with lots of country and farms. All nice rolling roads and beautiful scenary. It will be a nice goal to bring the family here for an in depth look. Working on it already.

Now getting ready for a four day weekend in France, colder, cloudy, and foggy weather at around 11C or 51F.

Bratislava Bratislava Bratislava  brno Ostrokovice  Prague  Prague  Prague  Prague  Prague  Prague  Prague  Prague  Prague  Prague  Prague

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