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October 19, 2016

Some news from France CXLV

Here I am again, so fast  ::) yes there are things going on even the All Saints’ day in France, Toussaint.

The Tour de France of cycling will start from Düsseldorf, on July 1, 2017 . It will be hit’s 20th starting from abroad and its fourth from Germany. The riders of the ‘Grande Boucle’ were indeed  in  1965 Cologne, Frankfurt in 1980, and West Berlin in 1987. After Germany, the peloton of the Tour, which will take a total of 3.516 km, will also make a foray in Belgium and then in the Luxembourg. In France, the beautiful part will be made in the mountain stages, with five massive crossed: the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Massif central, Vosges and the Jura . The race ends with a time trial in Marseille, before a last step to the departure of Montgeron,  in the Essonne department 91 (city that welcomed, in 1903, the first start of the Tour de France) and arrival , as per usual, on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. Previously, the 198 riders will cross, the nave of the Grand palais in its full length which will be impressive indeed; simple the best on bikes.
The history of Paris is jealously guarded at the Musée Carnavalet. A rich collection of about 613,000 works that goes from the Mesolithic to the present day. For the first time since its opening in 1880, the Museum Carnavalet, located in the heart of the Marais, in the 4éme arrondissement or district, will have a full move as it has known extensions, renovations, or the union in 1989 with the hotel Peletier of Saint – Fargeau. The Museum, which spans some 14,000 m2, will be completely empty, and the works stored north of Paris in temporary offices . The closure of the Museum to the public, on October 2, and will continue until the beginning of 2017.
The first vacation of the year indeed begin on Thursday and end two weeks later, on Thursday, November 2. “the school year has thirty-six weeks in the less divided into five periods of work, of comparable length, separated by four holiday periods. Or periods of work about seven weeks, separated from two weeks of vacation on average. Respecting this rule, holidays should begin on 14 October and students home on 31 October. On the eve of 1 November. “exceptional holiday toussaint this year.” Vacation heavens of France. I will be off Oct 31 and Nov 1 which will make a four day weekend Vive la France!
One that I have been with my kids is still going strong at Les Ferme de Gally à Saint-Cyr-l’École ; From 26 to 31 October, young and old can thus have fun digging a pumpkin. Before or after, they will go to meet the animals, will walk and visit buildings decorated in the colours of autumn. And each will leave with his masterpiece. More here :
Ludwig van“, the Beethoven myth . The expo is made fun with an audio guide and a booklet for children from 7 years old. Extracts of letters of Beethoven, excerpts of the composer‘s work, the sound the tone shifted course staged a Ludwig parachuted in the 21st century. Possibility to start family with a workshop that addresses the major themes of Beethoven with a variety of musical instruments. Until January 29 2017. More here :
And on June 17 2017 we have the exposition Espèces d’Ours or the  world of bears in the Grande Galerie de l’Evolution, jardin des plantes, more here;
“Doctor Strange in preview (age 10 and up); Fans of the Marvel Universe have appointment on 25 October at the Grand Rex  for exceptional projection of the adventures of doctor Stephen Strange, Scott Derrickson. More here :
Cinekids (age 7 and up) , Be not afraid! Costumes in order to participate in the Halloween special screening on October 30 at the Forum of images (1éme). On the screen, the mouse of Gore Verbinski (Rango, 2011): a House haunted by a small mouse ready to do anything to scare off newcomers… A funny and hilarious movie. More here;
Where else but France and Paris in particular. Enjoy it. Oh yes temps is 61F or about 15C afternoon. Cloudy cool yes ,yes it is la vie est belle! Cheers


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