Away from blogging for a reason.

It’s been a while not on my blog for a reason. My father is ill and in the hospital. I spent Friday night last in the emergency service of Chubert Hospital in Vannes with him. A very personal side.

He is there and improving and just today got a call will be transfer to the Hematology service. He is diabetic and apparently had an infection due to low white cells so now trying to bring this up. I will be there every night this week at least.

Chubert Hospital is very good, he has been there before and always great service and friendly staff. They all enjoying him with his English and Spanish verses and asking and talking a lot. The French escapes him too old to learn another language he is 81 now.

The hospital main page is here :

It has a nice boutique store and Cafeteria restaurant inside and plenty of spaces in the rooms. Main entrance is at 20 Boulevard du Général Maurice Guillaudot . City line buses stopping there are  4 : Le Poteau / Arradon ,6 : Fourchêne / CCIM , 8 : Plescop / Saint Nolff Mairie.  Also, the city inter urban bus lines stop by 200 meters of the hospital such as line 20 : Elven / Vannes ,line21 : Plougoumelen / Le Bono / Baden / Vannes,line 22 : Surzur / Vannes, line 23 : Lamor-baden / Port Blanc / Le Moustoir / Vannes, line24 : Monterblanc / Vannes ,line  7 TIM : Le Hézo / Noyalo / Vannes ,Line 8 TIM : La Trinité Surzur / Vannes, Line 9 TIM : Sulniac / Treffléan / Vannes ;and the departément 56 line buses stops nearby at about 200 meters; Line1 : Quiberon / Auray / Vannes ,line 2 : Grand-Champ / Vannes,line  3 : Pontivy / Vannes, line  3b : Saint-Jean-Brévelay / Vannes, line 4 : Ploërmel / Vannes, line 5 : Baud / Pluvigner / Auray / Vannes, line 7 : Arzon / Vannes, line 8 : Damgan / Muzillac / Vannes, line 9 : Rochefort en Terre / Questembert / Vannes. The train station is ,also, by 200 meters from the hospital.

Vannes bus lines city and intercity KICEO:

Dept Morbihan 56 TIM bus lines :

Train station Vannes: (Gare de Vannes) :

pdf file of the hospital layout and its parkings is here:

It will be my home for the next week at least. Even if next Sunday need to fly out to Dublin will be back Tuesday. Hoping by then my father will be home with me. So excuse my writings for a while. I WILL BE BACK.

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3 Comments to “Away from blogging for a reason.”

  1. All the best to your Dad and I am glad he is in such good hands and pleasant hospital.


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