Vannes, has it’s days but ,also, it’s nights

Ok so yesterday was time off from work and decided to take a walk in Vannes to some of the places we like to shop,eat,and play .

The city is the capital of the department 56 Morbihan but only has about 55K inhabitants and about 13K university students.

Some of the nightlife is shown here: (in French) ,,0,0.html

and this one in French too,

Well , we started out the day going to Jardiland , the garden store to get some plants ::) the one in Vannes is very friendly and helpful no need to know anything about plants , they tell you all lol!

Then, you go over the market days by place du Poids Public and place des Lices in old town; the best one in the region on Saturday morning but good to stop by even on weekdays for the local merchants around the squares. More on markets here :

Here we went for our lunch at Tablapizza ,this is a chain of pizzerias here, but the one in Vannes is super friendly and good food, they already know us lol!!!  They do burger wraps that are sublime and also chicken, honey and goat cheese wraps, and of course chorizo pizzas ::)  and good wine we had a bottle of Rosé from Tavel Beaurevoir by Michel Chapoutier. Like this one;,beaurevoir-2015,wine,31.html

And the resto site is here!

And to show you some of the nice night haunts of the city, you go to Chicago private club after hours,  and before have a nice dinner at Restaurant Oscar  with great food and good company ; decorated in an American prohibition era design, very stylish, more here:

And of course for late late night after 23h (11PM) to 5h (5AM) ,Fridays andn Saturdays, you go next door to Chicago Music Hall, great cozy place indeed, just giving you a taste, more here:

The Chicago used to be the La Bodeguita ;now a bit of video from Vimeo , glad I am not there lol! Enjoy it and do come to Vannes ::)

 Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes  Vannes






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2 Comments to “Vannes, has it’s days but ,also, it’s nights”

  1. I like the sound of that Tablapizza. Are they all over France? I must look for them! 👍


    • there in many places I have try the one in Orgeval(78) and Vannes (56) , very quaint decorated and good food: the one in Vannes is super friendly, nice place; enjoy it.


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