Paris, the lesser Churches of Paris but gorgeous too!

Hello , to finish my last haunt to the city of Paris, I will close out with two Churches seldom written about but gorgeous.

Paris is a hotbed of wonderful sights and architecture that we seems never to run short of. I have worked and play in Paris for 10 years and still visit every month, but there is so much to see, you find wonderful things to see each time.

In this last trip to Paris I went by the Church Notre Dames des Victoires at the Place des Petits Péres near Victoires and the Church Saint Pierre de Chaillot up the Seine river on avenue Marceau closer to the Seine river than to the Arc de Triomphe.

First, I have written on the churches of Paris before in my posts, here are two of them

The one Church or église Notre Dame des Victoires on the beforementioned square is a nice one, in a very popular place. It is a minor Basilica and one of five in Paris, located at the Place des Petit Péres by metro Bourse the closest.  King Louis XIII had it built to recognize the help of upper voices in his war against the protestants in 1628 after the siege of La Rochelle. It was not completed until about 1740, and it is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.  The religious site is here:

The parrish site is here:

and the tourist office of Paris in English;

You have a wonderful chapel to St Thérese de Lisieux inside very moving indeed. As many in France it got lots of damage during the French revolution being occupied by national lottery and than the stock exchange before finally given back to the Catholic cult in 1809.  The conventional building as it was were destroyed during 1859, and during the Commune of Paris by 1870-71 the Church was again ravaged and vandalized.  In 1927,the Church was raised to the rank of Basilica minor by the Pope Pie XI. Mozart came to prayed in this Church while in Paris. The Church is 62 meters long and 24,50 meters wide with a height of 15 meters, in a Classic style. A unique Church to see in Paris.

The other was the Church or église  Saint Pierre de Chaillot, 31 Avenue de Marceau angle rue Chaillot. The Church goes back to the 11C.  The current Church was built in the 1930’s finally done in 1938.  After , rebuilding the wonderful organ there is now a Festival every two years here ;the Festival Chaillot-Grandes Orgues. The Church is done in a Greek cross style with a belltower of 62 meters.

The Church webpage is here in French :

and the parrish site is here:

Here the funerals of Marcel Proust were carried out in 1922, with only the statue of the Virgin remaining from this period; the current building is call the ” Cathédrale” or Cathedral.  More on the tourist office of Paris site in English here:

It is an impressive big Church Basilica with great architecture and engrave decorations on the walls, wonderful chapels and a nice modern prayer section; another view of Paris.

Do we get enough of Paris? Do not think so, there is more to come eventually some other day:mine trip is over this time. Until next month….. Cheers

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