Paris, and the palaces. Brongniart, and Tokyo.

Ok so there are palaces in Paris, you betcha! plenty of them, I just take two in particular because, well, been there several times.  Ah yes do not forget to check the Paris tourist office first, great source of info on Paris as well as the region ile de France tourist office (that is for Paris, Versailles, Fontainebleau etc).  Here they are:

There you go ,now we move on. I had some time in Paris on my last visit last week and took advantage to see and revisit some of my favorite places (see previous post in my blog). I happened to enjoy the Palais de Tokyo and the Palais de Brongniart.

The Palais de Tokyo is a place for the contemporary and modern art exhibits on the west wing,  right along the Seine on avenue de New York and  Ave du Président Wilson.  On the east wing it houses the museum of Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. The building was a series of 3 built in 1937 during the International Exposition. They themselves have separate webpages such as:

There is work going on at the Palasi de Tokyo but the boutique library and restaurants (Tokyo East and Monsieur Blue (best me think) ) stay open. The upcoming exhibitions will be Rodrigo Braga Mer Interieure or Nuit Blanche by October 1st. It is the biggest concentration of space for contemporary modern art in Europe with over 22K m2 of space. Metro Iéna line 9 is closest ; if you live in France for example you can subscribe to the magazine Palais for 15€ /yr. I used to drive up to the back on place du Trocadéro and walk all over; this time I came over walking the Pont de l’Alma. Great place indeed.

The other palace that of Palais de Brongniart is closer to home as a wine aficionado. At the Place de la  Bourse, been the old stock exchange of Paris. Metro Bourse line 3 and ordered built by Napoléon Ier in 1807-1826 (finished). The stock exchange was important by 1885 been the second in the world behind London, and the building also, house the Commerce exchange house. Today it is managed by GL Events to host conferences, congresses, seminaries, receptions, business lunch/dinners, cocktails, galas, salons for various functions, and  expositions. I now come here for conferences. More info here in English:

Before in my days working in the city and living nearby, I came here invited by the magazine La Revue du Vin de France (see link my blogroll below posts page) , it is one of the great events of the year (see my post on the wine festivals of France, Foires aux vins) . This is an annual event and if you are close and love wines , absolutely do not miss it. Next one for info is on May 19-20 ,2017. More here:

The area around is wonderful with gorgeous walking things to see such as the Opéra Garnier, Place de la République, Palais Royal, Louvre, Church St Eustache, Le Forum Halles, etc etc etc. A glorious walking tour of Paris indeed.

And as the visit is not open to all, we encourage you to contact the tourist office of Paris for a tour of the Palais de Brongniart, it is gorgeous inside, some pictures of my privileged time in conference and of course time for relaxation ::)

In fact, an anecdote is that the palace of Brongniart is still very fond of the Bonaparte family and that is why it is mentioned on their imperial official authorize page Fondation Napoléon, here:

In all enjoy once again Paris, never tired of visiting even if each time harder to find places to go, as once you are bitten by some, difficult to search for others lol! Enjoy it. Have a great Sunday y’all.

 Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris  Paris

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