And on my day off, it’s Birthday time!

Well we usually do not like birthdays too much, even if many are excited about it. It just means you are getting older and closer to your human time on Earth. Nevertheless , we seems to continue celebrating our Birthday.

My birthday hands says I am very honest with a natural presence and talk direct . I ma very kind and in tune with nature; I am very handyman and like to help people.  Great to get alone and down to earth partner. Always there when they need me. Well ,not bad, it looks good , I take it ::)

Wikipedia has it that there is a difference between birthday and birthdate: The former, other than February 29, occurs each year (e.g. June 12), while the latter is the exact date a person was born (e.g., June 12, 1993). I always said birthday lol!!

And I have a very important biblical name to celebrate the Saint’s day.  There is no mention of Birthdays in the Bible but only of a Pharaoh of Egypt..!  We came to know about birthdays from Ptolemy V onwards.

The New Testament gives one example of Birthday mentioned, that of apostate king Herod, one of the worst butchers who ever lived!!! scary indeed. The fact is, the Bible is totally SILENT on the date of the birth of every single servant of God, including Abraham, Noah, Moses, Samuel, David, the apostles, and most important of all, Jesus Christ Himself!!!

The World Book — Childcraft International says regarding “Holidays and Birthdays,” “For thousands of years people all over the world have thought of a birthday as a very special day. Long ago, people believed that on a birthday a person could be helped by good spirits, or hurt by evil spirits. So, when a person had a birthday, friends and relatives gathered to protect him or her. And that’s how birthday parties began.” The idea of putting candles on birthday cakes goes back to ancient Greece. The Greeks worshipped many gods and goddesses. Among them was one called Artemis. Of course, this is all religiously inclined discussion….

The truth is we go back and forth celebrating birthdays as a happy moment we all wait to party.  Some of the famous names who has their birthday today are:

King Francis I of France ,Henry Hudson (English navigator for the Hudson River betweend NY and NJ USA); and many more here;

We set out to have lunch in our humble simple country French restaurant Les Trois Soleils, in Plescop just outside Vannes. This is a workers lunch place and real local foods and customs. We love it for the friendly country service, the good food and the good family ambiance. There is a menu formule set of second dish and dessert or first dish and second dish for 11,50€ including drink of beer, wine, sodas or water. Or the full whammy of entrée (first dish), plat (second dish), dessert ,and drink (beer, wine, sodas, water) all for 13,30€ which we split as each tastes in the family. I had the full swing !!!

it is, also, the center of sports news in the area and you can know all the scores of football/soccer, rugby in all divisions from national and local teams on a board by the bar area.  There is no webpage of course, and the best outside source can find is this one from the sports association organization ANCV here :

On our way out , we stop by the nearby L’Etoile des Pains bakery to gathered our baguettes and a local bread call the baguette d’etoiles. Of course very local .

As we had gathered our wines at the Nicolas Vannes store (see previous post on the foires aux vins), we went for our boys to buy me a couple pairs of shoes in our favorite store for it, Besson Chaussures in Vannes.  Many local brands from leading shoe leather countries such as France, Italy, Portugal ,and Spain.

And going away I took a picture of our home  ,with lots of labor of love and euros it is coming alone nicely;next remodeled all the bathrooms (2) this week, plumber on call and time confirm lol!

Happy B-day to those celebrating today ,and have you all a great week ahead. Nice times here now 24C or about 77F and sunny; in Paris the news says cloudy and 89F or about 32C! Cheers


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2 Comments to “And on my day off, it’s Birthday time!”

  1. Happy Birthday! I celebrated mine last Thursday 8th and we went to local Indian restaurants. You just can’t beat an Indian/English curry!!! Cheers! 🎂🎂🎂🎂🍷🍷🍷🍷

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