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September 10, 2016

Vannes, the tunnel and the Gulf of Morbihan

As you know if reading my posts, I work in Vannes just outside in a castle from 1504 ::) So the city is like a second home to me.. It is the capital of the Morbihan departément 56 in Brittany and one city left intact from the ravages of wars. The tourist office again is here:

The city is rich in history and architecture as well as a great maritime tradition. The canal into the pleasure marina in Le  Port can hold 3000 boats and falls into the Gulf of Morbihan and the Gare Maritime passenger boat terminal to the islands. The Gulf is an Unesco World Heritage site.

May 22-28 2017 is the Semaine du Golfe here or the Gulf’s week, full of sea sailing activities , more here:

Water activities and info on the cruises to the island  ,you find them here:

This is local site in French but complete on the islands in the Gulf of Morbihan:

This is an interactive map from the regional Council on the Gulf of Morbihan play with the dots and see island détails;you need flash.

There are many wonderful art expo center, one that always catches my eye passing by often is the Hotel de Limur on 31, Rue Thiers just near Le Port and not far from the Hotel de Ville/city hall.  It has three floors and a French garden in the back; inside it has a grand white marble stairs style Louis XIII built by 1685 , and it was here that the Breton émigrés or immigrant from England who came back to fight for monarchy and sentence to death all remaining 795 of them were judge revolutionary style (the remains are in the Chartreuse d’Auray) .  The Limur family takes over in 1820 and held on to the building until 1947; when it becomes prôperty of the city and the fine arts museum is housed here from 1955 to 1968 ,and even today is in charge of its upkeep. Many temporary exhibitions are held here; like the one going on now until September 25th, “Chateaux et Manoirs de Vannes” 14h to 18h free admission. In French from the city of Vannes page, history on the Limur:

The real thrill today was finally see the tunnel Under the Gulf of Morbihan that connects both end of the bay from Vannes to Séné is now open. Before it was a bridge (pont de Kerino) that had to be raise and lower for boats now no more and the traffic is much smoother.

This page from the city tells you on public transports in the Vannes metro area in English:

This one tells you down the line a bit more on the Kérino bridge in English:

And even thus the tourist and city officials are a bit slow on the update on the bridge in the above links, the TV France 3 of the region has the  news and a small video on it, that I rode and told you here!!! In French of course, but the video is worldly lol!

The old bridge will be dismantled phase out and all will be on the new tunnel allowing 20000 vehicules to past by it nicely with cycling and pedestrians passageways as well! Of course, the view on the bay will be lost oh well we cannot have it all. For the road warrior in me ,the tunnel is great and tested wonderfully.

So I am happy to have try the tunnel and been one of the first one, and ahead of the local authorities on their webpages yahuuoo ::) Now enjoy it when in the area and if by let me know , the Morbihan is tops and the only department in France without a French name , you know it, Breton all the way, Mor=sea bihan=small or petite mer or small sea or Morbihan.

Oh yes forgot , did when to the market in Vannes by place du poids public and visit my Nicolas wine store, it’s the Foire aux vins or wine fair going on and we load up, walking the cartons back to the car parked for 40cents in Place de la Libération ::)

Have a great weekend.

Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes

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