Fortified Alarcon, and the Serrania de Cuenca

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This has been a wonderful trip with the family that will stay with us for a long time. I do travel quite a bit either on business or my football/soccer fanatic friends, but going with the family to areas new and old has been fantastic.

And we move on to the fortified town of Alarcon with its towers and castle. We moved up from our previous post on Belmonte to Alarcon on the road N420 and then the old N III. You come on a mountaineous area throught the gate of the bridge or Puerta del Puente.

The tourist office  in Spanish from the province of Cuenca is here:,22329/dTabID__1/tabid__9384/Default.aspx

You have the tourist office of the region or autonomous region of Castilla La Mancha here with a gorgeous photo:

You see immediately the castle like a spiral on a hill as you come around by car up the hilly road into the main square of town. The town takes its name from king  Alarico,a visigoth that conquest the fortress from the Romans; today you can still the ramparts wall of this fortress. By  784AD it took refuge here the Moorish invaders and the siege on it took about nine months , that the Moors call the Spanish conqueror Fernán Martínez de Ceballos in 1184AD the year of Alarcon. The castle today is a small parador or tourist residence you can rent out!. More here in English:

The Church of Santa Maria sits here smallist fortified alike but very richly ornate on the tympan doors. Built between 1520 and 1565  More on the Church here;

You,also, get to see the 13C Church of Santa Trinidad as you entered the town after the castle. More here in Spanish as well :

The center for contemporary Arts on mural paintings sits right in the main plaza or square on a former Church( St John the Baptist). More in English here:

From here not far, we headed back to our base but having done so early we took an extra ride up the mountains of the Serrania de Cuenca to as much as 1900 meters ( about 6270 feet) seeking lovely villages of Toba and its Dam and Uña and the lagoon as well as Ciudad Encantada.

The Embalse de Toba or water reservoir you can fish and swim as long as the waters are not full and with careful précautions. It is beautiful country that I hope the pictures will tell. It is part of the town of Uña a bit further downhill.  From the water organism in Spanish you have info on the embalses in the region of Castilla la Mancha and of course Toba here:

The Laguna de Uña was created way back by king Alfonso XIII that was done as soon as the embalse de Toba was done early in the last century . Now it has a water current into and out by canalisation from the Salto de  Villalba de la Sierra, to generate electricity in the hydroelectric plant. This site in Spanish for a rural house ad tells nicely about the laguna de Uña:

Finally, one of the most popular tourist sites in the area for those who like mountaineering, walks:trekking, and nature in general. However, best to do this in better weather as the heat of these days in the 30’sC would make a trip like this not useful. Anyway ,Ciudad Encantada or enchanted city is wonderful; and recommended by all locals.  Here you see stone mountains turn into statues, objects, monuments to look at marvelously done by nature. It has guided tours to explain all for five euros admission, and check ahead as weather is important here. More in English here:

And we just came down for a few minutes drive to our house in the mountains near here. I must say that we are not nature aficionados per se, and prefers the city life, but having come to these places makes you aware of their inhered beauty and pleasant surrounding that makes a trip worthwhile after all. Enjoy nature ! and the photos.



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  1. Another fascinating place and the type of thing I like (I am not a city girl). Thanks for sharing. 👍

    By the way, we are now back home and I have started a second blog with wordpress, but don’t have my own domaine name. It is called I hope you can visit some time. Cheers.


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