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August 25, 2016

Chinchon, Colmenar la Oreja, and Villarejo de Salvanés, Comunidad de Madrid!

ON our whirlwind tour of my beloved Spain, we took a day and made it long sort of. We came first to Aranjuez (see last post) and then  move on by car on the road M305 to Chinchon , another wonderful old town. We followed up with Colmenar la Oreja and then Villarejo de Salvanés before getting back on the A3 /A40 back to home base.

Chinchon is a nice town famous for its wonderful anisette base liquor and its great Plaza Mayor square.  Here at the plaza mayor the first houses were built in the 15Cn and the square is used for many things not least the bullfight arena!

The Church Nuestra Señora de la Asunción was built in 1534 and finished in 1626; and the great belltower without a Church of the old Church of Nuestra Señora de Gracia, built in the 15C as well, now only see a clocktower or Torre del Reloj  over the plaza mayor.

The castle of the Counts built in the 16C or Castillo de los Condes; its last used was a liquor factory, and now it is just there holding fairs and temporary events.  Entering town you see the Convento de las Clarisas built in 1653. Tourist office is here in English:

And the Madrid commune tourist office:

We continue our journey on the M311 road , after doing some excellent foot work on the Streets of Chinchon to reach our next town on the trailblazing sun of Spain; this town was Colmenar la Oreja.

We quickly gather around the Plaza Mayor that has an overhanging house to get to on one side and opens up on the other side encircling a bulls arena as well. The  Plaza Mayor (Major Square), built on a cliff between 1676 and 1794, and we walk around the Church of Santa María la Mayor.

More on it in English at the Madrid community tourist page here:

I wanted to visit one more town before heading back home for the day, we are fast ::)  We continue the journey on the road M311 crossing over our expressway A3 to reach Villarejo de Salvanés, I have read it has a nice tower and indeed it is. There you will see the wonderful  Torre del Homenaje o part of the old Castle of Villarejo de Salvanés.  By here , passed the old road of Toledo as well as call the Senda Galiana (Roman road that linked Galia (France) and Hispania (Spain) used during the Middle Ages.

The wonderful Church of San Andrés the Apostle sit facing direct to the tower and castle ruins on a nice square or Plaza del Castillo.  More on the town from the tourist office of Spain:

and more from community of Madrid tourist page in English:

A wonderful entry into the real Spain away from the crowds in a peaceful surrounding, at Villarejo we spoked with locals waiting for their bus which connects to the city of Madrid, got to know the bus routes and the Mercadona supermarket ::)

It was time to head back to our mountain retrieve in the Serrania de Cuenca along the A3 and then the A40. Enjoy it as much as we did. Spain everything Under the Sun, a slogan of the tourist office from the movida years of the 80’s and still holding true. Cheers

 Villarejo de Salvanés Chinchon Chinchon Chinchon Colmenar la Oreja Colmenar la Oreja Colmenar la Oreja  Villarejo de Salvanés  Villarejo de Salvanés


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