And vacation time arrived, onwards to Spain

Well a bit tired now just back but will give you a flavor of what’s to come from my last trip to my beloved Spain. We spent two weeks going by car with some metro/subway and bus on major cities. Visited Bordeaux, Cuenca, Las Majadas, Madrid, Toledo, Huerte, Belmonte, Segovia, La Granja de San IIdelfonso, Alcalà de Henares, Aranjuez, Valencia, Ségobriga ,Alarcon, Chinchon, Calatayud, and many smaller towns passing by.

We rented a house in Las Majadas ,Cuenca at 1400 meters high (about 6600 feet) that was absolutively  superb with all the trimmings and fantastic host owners. We passed by goats , sheeps, horses, deers, wild pigs and right on the eyes of cows on the road; all in good expériences. For a similar experience see this site Top Rural:

We left by car by 8h or 8am from home along the path of avoiding as much as possible toll roads. Taken the N165 towards Nantes N249 and then the D763 and D137 towards La Rochelle, and continue connecting with the A10 for a while before at Bordeaux get on the A62,A65 and A64 towards the Col du Portalet passage to  Spain.  On the A roads we did pay a toll of 25,70€ but we quickly move back into the D934 on passage routes at 1390 meters high with great views.

The trip took about 17 hours stopping several times for a break, gas , and eat. It took about 1265 kms or about 784 miles for the whole trip and about 417 kms or 259 miles to Bordeaux in 7 hours.  For those who have traveled by car will note these are longer times but it was done because the only driver was me and taking breaks is a Wise thing to do. I do not know why people talk about traffic as with well planned the trip went smooth with only a slow moving traffic along the rocade of Bordeaux arriving there to our road hotel, the inexpensive F1. Part of the great chain Accor, more here:

We had maps of the area in case we need it to cut corners but it was not needed the GPS of our car was very good indeed. We listen to radio 107.7 FM for traffic and weather conditions as well as good music.

Enjoy these initial photos like I said the best is yet to come. I will get back to work on Monday so will have plenty of time to keep me busy for the next few days on the trip. Cheers!

 Bordeaux Bordeaux  Bordeaux  Bordeaux  Bordeaux  Bordeaux  Bordeaux  Bordeaux Bordeaux  Bordeaux

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2 Comments to “And vacation time arrived, onwards to Spain”

  1. It sounds like you packed and awful lot in just 2 weeks! We’ve been going for 6 weeks now and still have 2 to go. Back in France, in Charente Dept at the moment. Life is good! 👍

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    • yes indeed many places came back to remember when married and some new ones. Life indeed was and is good now the kids will see a bit more history of us ::) thanks for stopping by and good luck in your trip!

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