And just about arriving in Spain by the Col du Portalet mountains

I am back ,taking advantage of the weekend as there is too much to write about my last trip to my beloved Spain.

We got up earlier from hotel in Bordeaux (see prev post), and by about 7h or 7am we were on the road past the beltway of Bordeaux A630 into the expressway A62 towards Pau/Toulouse.  We continue connecting with the A64 road to Pau and then the A65 , connecting on the N134 by Jurançon and Gan, where we got on the D934  all the way past Laruns and to the Col du Portalet passage to Spain.

As we got up earlier we had breakfast on the road on the  mountains by Bielle on the D934 at boulangerie Laloubère , a small outlet they have right on the road and the back on the mountains; very nice and great breads, sweets, coffee and orange juice for 2,30 euros! per person. Their main store is at Bielle.

You see beautiful mountain passages like the dam of Artouste  done with a lake at 1997m and the spa thermes of Eaux Bonnes, the quaint nice town of Laruns, and the final destination in France at the Col du Portalet and the town at 1984 meters high. This is just before taking the tunnel Under it to reach Spain at the other side , going up through some twisting and each time higher élévations and breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys not to mention a great challenge for the driver ::)

A great final ride in France before reaching my beloved Spain, always nice to be back,and glad can do this often in the last few years.

More on Artoustes if with time to see this up close!’Artouste.html

And the Spa at Eaux Bonnes,

How to get to these peaks and valleys here:

Happy motoring and you can’t have a better 1-2 combination than France and Spain , cheers ::)

 France to Spain  France to Spain  France to Spain  France to Spain    France to Spain

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