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August 4, 2016

My travels in the Morbihan XXIV

It is a breezy rainy day today temps in the 15C and cloudy as well. This did not stop the visitors coming to our area, already voted the preferred vacation region by the French, that is Brittany or Bretagne or Breizh. We are in the Morbihan or small sea or petite mer or Mor=sea bihan=small in Breton language. Departément 56, the only one in France that does not have a French name!

We were no different even if on our last day before our summer vacation in the mountains of Spain.  The Morbihan tourist site is here:

We took a ride again to the simple village town of Theix near Vannes along the road N165. Upon entering the town the first thing we head out was the Chapelle Notre Dame la Blanche, built in 1239 and rebuilt in 1536.  Constructed in a rectangular fashion,it has two entrance door one on the southside dates from 1742 and the other one from the 16C with a key door adorn with a figurine in stone. It has a cadran  on top of a bull dating from 1782. A nice back or chevet finished at the same time as the choir in 1698. Inside there are like 18 statues from the 15C and onwards, as it is summer time the Chapelle was closed. The town is about 45 minutes from our house so we should be back ::) More on the city page in French here:

Next , we walked over the Church Sainte Cécile ; dating from the gothic period and gone over many rénovations in the 17C and 18C ; rebuilt between 1852-55 ,and many interior renovation from 1880 to 1900.  Done in the style of a Latin Cross ,the stained glass dates from 1883.  Dedicated to Sainte Cécile the patron Saint of Musicians, it has a statue of Her in the tower niche dating from 1895.  Inside it has many relics from the Sainte, as in August it was closed, but near us so will be back eventually again. More in French in the town’s page here :

We continue our journey on the road D7 along nice country into the picturesque village of Le Gorvello ,part of Sulniac, and a re visit to the Café owns by Americans from Chicago who is also a chambre d’hôte rental hotel.  Here, we first went to take a look at the Church St Jean Baptiste or St John the Baptist.  It is the work of the hospitaliers of St John the Baptist of Jérusalem as the current Church replaces a primitive Chapel in the 16C. Many additions since and for the reason of the chapels that comes out from the main body as seen from the exterior. Inside it has the Statues of St Marc and St Isidore, the patron Saints of laborers;nice again closed in summer vacation crazy France. More in French here from a religious site:  , and from the tourist office in general:

It was time for lunch so we went to visit the Americans at Le Gorvello Café. We had our two rounds of Thor draft beers, platters of cold cuts and cheeses with bread and butter, chocolate cake in a raspberry sauce and expresso coffees all for 15.40€ per person. There is a miniature pool table and we had a couple of rounds, Dad winning of course ::)  This is the tourist office take on it in French:  ; and the cafe official site that can be read in English of course, and Spanish !

Our journey took us to briefly visit the Château Le Plessis-Josso just up the road D7, and then D183.  This is a well preserved castle and still partially inhabited by the descendants.  It tells the history of Brittany in the middle ages and thereafter. Built in the 15C by the Josso family attach to the house of the Dukes of Brittany. The family Rosmadec comes into it in the 17C and enlarged it giving it the current look. It has ,also, serve as the residence of many Bishops of Vannes. You have guided visits only for 6€ from July 14 to August 31st this year and from 14h to 19h. For visits you can contact Mme Salmon-Legagneur at email  More here

And finally, we came home ,all planned ready to go for our long vacation in Spain, so will be out of internet for quite a while and won’t be writing on my blog again until late end August. Enjoy your summer and happy traveling y’all.

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