Some news from Spain XXIIII

Ok so today was my last day at work and vacation begins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and after doing some errands I should be ready to roll out to Spain by next Thursday. IN the meantime, here are some news of my beloved Spain.

Hotel Fuerte Conil Costa Azul in Cadiz offers surfing clases from 35€ per person at Playa de la Fontanilla; more info on it here,

The aquatic park at Siam Park of Tenerife is great for the families with 11 tobogans and Dragon, Vulcano or Kinnaree, and for the parents the  Siam Beach  or the Mai Thai River.

Great vacation spot for kids near where I am going this time is the beach resort of Hervidero de Cofrentes in the confluence of the rivers Júcar and Cabriel, where you can look up to the volcano of Cofrentes.

At Madrid there is a snow zone even in summer. the second biggest covered slope in the world ,Madrid SnowZone has 18000 M2 and constants -2C; the main slope is 250 meters long ;all in the Centro Comercial Madrid Xanadú (Autovía A-5, Km. 22. Arroyomolinos, Madrid), open Sundays to Thursdays from 10h to 22h Fridays, Saturdays and eve of holidays from 10h to 00h.

Solmarket Foodstrucks Festival ,  near where I am going too, and on until August 15 at the  El Puig, Valencia (Passeig Maritim). 30 meters from the beach all the best food trucks from the area will be here. More info in Facebook.

The 64th edition of the San Sébastian Festival is on by September 16-24,2016. More here:

Sad note Francisco Cano Lorenza “Canito has passed away in Valencia at the age of 103  yrs old from a cerebral infactus. Here goes away one of the greatest if not the greatest photographers of the bullfight and the bull of Spain. His coffin will laid at the bullfight arena of Valencia all day.  Cano  born in Alicante in 1912 was a boxer, cyclist, swimmer,and novillero of Young bulls until becoming a photographer  In his lenses he saw Ava Gardner, Orson Welles, Grace Kelly, Raniero de Mónaco, Sofía Loren, Bing Crosby, Ortega y Gasset,Duchesse of  Alba, Concha Piquer, Lola Flores, Charlton Heston or Ernest Hemingway ;also, the bullfighters such as Domingo Ortega, Pepe Luis Vázquez or Luis Miguel Dominguín, and his most famous photo that one taken in August  28  1947 in  Linares (Jaén),that a Miura bull named islero  fatally horned the great  Manuel Rodríguez,( Manolete).  RIP

As I am planning my trip with all variables these are some webpages that I followed over the years and now share here!

For finding gas stations, route planning, weather,and road conditions see Diesel Gasolina, in Spanish,

The traffic, weather and route planning of Repsol gas stations here:

another to find gas stations in Spain, Gasofa, here:

To find traffic conditions in Spain, from the government agency DGT(direccion general de trafico)  here:

And more gas stations from the ministry of industry energy and tourism here:

Parkvia ,parking in selected cities here:

Europe Wise parking webpage for Spain  Parkopedia , here:

traffic monitoring from the RACE or Real Automobile Club of Spain here :

to know the weather  AEMET all over Spain ,see the official link here :

These are my favorites there are many others ,but after trying many over the last 40 years, these I have found to be most reliable.

From France the day we are leaving will be Orange which medium heavy traffic as Red and Black are worse. We usually leave very early in mid week to avoid the heavy weekend traffic ,and on our trips to Spain we stop for a night rest this time by Bordeaux.

I, also, check viamichelin and mappy as well as carrying a paper map from Michelin, IGN , Mappy, and Repsol,  with me. The modern GPS helps but mostly around metropolitan areas not so much out in the countryside.,0,-2.75581,47.65787/Z11/

Be aware the police is out in force on these holidays, and Spain had a record year of fines in 2015.  The record speed was on a Porsche 911 at 297 kph or about 184 mph on the toll road outside Madrid the R-4 connecting with the M-50.

Be careful , take rests and follow the law, not hard to do especially in our times ::) Cheers





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