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July 18, 2016

My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton VII

Well time to talk to you again about my small town in the Morbihan breton. This past weekend it was awesome.

Not only did we celebrated my father’s 81, ahead of time as it falls in the week, but there was an American event in town lol!

For the birthday, took Dad out to eat his favorite pork concoction in Créperie Le Vorlen resto that each 3rd Sunday of the Month does the Rost en Forn Breton pig dish with baked potatoes (see photo), green rice salad, a 1/4 wine jar and ice cream or mousse de chocolate dessert, we added expresso coffee and the apéros of various mixes from kir breton to porto rouge all for 21.70€ per person.

Then, we headed into the place St Michel in city center for the US Loch Festival showcasing American old cars, motos, and military vehicules with plenty of American flags, food,and rock concert all day long. They were given rides on the trucks, motos and cars as well which was a treat.

The area tourist office of Auray has more in French;

Even showcase in our area newspapers !

This is an event held every year but in my recollection the first time themed after the USA.  Done for a good cause to help sick children. It was fun for the whole family and the time to show off my native Floridians ::)

A quiet Sunday at home and sunny hot 26C well today it reach 34C and tomorrow it says 36C wow!! heat coming for a couple of days, this is about 97F!

Again, enjoy your week, mine is just over the big work duties and cruising to my August long family vacation. Cheers

 Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner  Pluvigner



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July 18, 2016

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris, encore!

I have written on it several times and even a single post back in 2010, but this is the grand lady of Paris and deserves more. Here it is,

But really, Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris, the words are just plain Paris, enormous, beautiful, architectually impressive and loving care of the city of Paris to the world.

The official Cathedral webpage is here:

and the tourist office here :

The Genius of French art , a jewel amongt jewels, as you see it from the parvis looking at this marvel of architecture and history. History from François Villon to Victor Hugo is here, in or out or around it.  It was named after St Etienne or St Stephan in the 4C , before named Notre Dame. This double tribute is seen today by the partition of the part reserve to the bishop (St Etienne) and that one of the Chapter  (Notre-Dame).  It is 130 mèters long, 48 meters wide , 69 meters high on the towers and  96 meters on the spiral.  It has 10 traversal for the nerf and 5 for the Choir, the interior is majestic with a high to the ceilings of 43 meters. This is Paris, France.

In 1977, it was found the sculpture heads of the Kings of France, partially destroyed during the French revolution thinking they were saints, coldly revolutionaries, the same crowd the world over…. They are now exposed in the Museum of Cluny of Paris.  Here, all started as a gallo roman temple , then Christian basilica , Roman Church and then Cathedral. All new built since 1163AD when the Pope Alexander III lay the first stone.  The architect such as Maurice de Sully did not see it done in 1345. Renovated several times from 1699 and then 1831, and more after the success of Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo from 1841 to 1864.  The first bishop buried here was Eudes de Sully in 1208.

The tombs are spread behind the choir where princes and bishops are buried, then the Chapels and the nerf. King Louis XIII awaiting the birth of Louis XIV made the Church dedicated to the Virgin Mary and re arranged the tombs where some were lost.  This work began in 1699 and finished in 1714.  There was a huge cave done in 1765 to buried the canons, priests, chapelains and people of the Church all near the west facade door;; and untouch until 1863 while trying to put a heating element in the Cathedral. One of these that were lost is that of Geoffroy II ,duke of Brittany (d. 1186) and son of Henri II Plantagenêt;king of England; and Isabelle de Hainaut, queen of France and first wife of king Philippe II Auguste, her tomb was rediscoved in 1857. Between 1771 and 1773, the floor of marble was chiseled and many gone, one that was lost was the tomb of the poet Joachim de Bellay.

The Chapelles numbered about 30 by the 18C, today after some re arrangement there is still 26. Some of the more relevants are the chapel of St Eloi, Saint Joseph, Saint Pierre, Sainte Anne, on the right side. The left side has Chapels such as Saint Charles, and the baptismal fonds, Sainte Enfance, Notre Dame de la Guadaloupe, Saint Landry, and Sainte Clotilde. In the Choir, the chapel of Saint Ferdinand, Saint Germain ,Saint Louis dite Noailles,Saint Marcel dite de Vintimilli, Notre Dame des Sept Douleurs dite des Gondi,Saint Georges, Saint Guillaume dite d’Harcourt, and Saint Denis.

You have the towers with 56 creatures of magic that décorâtes the gallery of towers today. The belltower house the heaviest bell name Emmanuel ,500 kgs or about 1102 pounds.You can visit it before climbing to the panoramic tower offering a 360 degrees of Paris.

It is without question a must to see while in Paris, top of the line, to me better than the Eiffel. Enjoy it to our days a monument of our past, well care and lovely maintained today by all. Cheers and you have a great week.

Paris Paris

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