Plougastel-Daoulas Museum of the Strawberry and Heritage

This is a small museum fully loaded that on our trips here missed each time due to timing. The Saturday hours starts at 14h to 18H. It is the Musée de la Fraise & du Patrimoine; right in city center. 5€ adult admission is fair.

The webpage is here:

You can see it from the Church of St Pierre (more later post), the back of it, nicely decorated in mosaics; and if you go around to your right past the tourist office ,there is the main entrance to the museum ; a very nice modern buiding on two floors.

The first floor tells you the history of the strawberry and the commerce with Europe ,especially England. From types of strawberries to harvesting, collecting, and packagings; as well as shipping it. It tells you the strawberries here are the local variety and the white strawberry brought all the way from Chile in South America. And yes the strawberries here are the best, we buy them in all kinds of versions yoghurts are great!

The second floor or 1er étage here, tells you about the traditions , customs of the local Breton families and paintings/objects of arts depicting the life and time of the area and the strawberry harvesters. You can taste them in the boutique below where you will find very nice objects dedicated to the strawberry. We got our jams and tea flavor strawberry .

The welcome is very friendly and informative and the family trip is wonderful;especially as it involves food lol!  Enjoy it on your way in the area or if visiting bigger towns like Brest across the passage and the Iroise bridge. Have a great Sunday!

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