Brest 2016, the sailing capital of the world;for a few days…

On a nice sunny Sunday I report to you the sailing event of the year, the Brest 2016. A wonderful event with beautiful boats and family entertainement. Well, the first time I came by here not knowing about the sailing event; saw  mobs of people ,and great traffic jams ;so return and went to visit nearby places instead.

This time, yesterday, I gave it a go again;last minute decision. I saw the same traffic jams leading to Brest and parking setup where you leave your car and pay 3€ for a navette bus to take you into town. The admission price is 15€ per person a bit high for this type of event me think. So decided to take a look for free ::)

As we had zig zag the area by car several times and knowing that it has several peninsulas leading into the sea and facing Brest, went for Plougastel-Daoulas (more in other posts to come). As you past this town on the country roads without number you reach wonderful inner beautiful areas in real country.

Leading direction La Croix Neuve (new cross) you go direction Kerougar and then see signs for the harbor of Keralliou with beautiful views of the passage to Brest at sea and the bridges of Albert Louppé and l’Iroise (N165 road) to Brest. There are plenty of Oyster harvesters here for that wonderful direct purchase  from the Cooperative of Les Hûitres de Keraliou/Les Viviers.  

You come back on same road but at the small hilly traffic circle you turn right direction Kernisi. Here there is a Natural Reserve park of Kernisi and a great lookout point into the bay of Brest and the boats!!! Gorgeous views walking along a path facing the harbor of Brest across water, wooded area and hilly, stony; good shoes and good health a must. For more see the walkers assoc of dept Finistére-29 here on Kernisi:

The tourist office part of the Brest metro area contact is here:

Even from the distance the boats look good and the trip was great for the soul and losing some kgs ::) The budget way to see the boats with large families in tow. For the festivities and planning for the next Brest sailing extravaganza here is the official site:

Only sad part, missed seeing the Hermione, the replica boat of the Marquis de Lafayette trip to help the USA independance. It will have to be next time and better planning. In the meantime, get your budget in shape for the next one. Cheers!

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