Vannes and the Fêtes Historiques!

This is a wonderful event in Vannes, my capital city , where I work and live only 35 kms or about 22 miles on country roads.  A huge middle ages intact city left in time and glory for all of us to enjoy it today. The event in it’s 31th edition is the Fêtes Historiques or Historical Festival. (see previous posts).

We enjoy it every year since the last five we have live in the area, and always wonderful. This year the Festival has a guest of honor ,Napoléon III.

It is held ironically around the National Day of France July 14 ,today ,best wishes to France ::) and this time held July 13-14, 2016. It has hundreds and if not thousands of folks dressed in period costumes with fire works in the ramparts gardens, and many représentations from other European countries. Of course, Spain was here, as the wife of Napoleon III was Maria Eugenia de Montijo, emperatrice of France and Spanish born.

Napoléon III came twice to Vannes ,once in 1858 and again in 1865. It was on a long trip to Brittany to gather support in the region,and stop of the religious center in Sainte-Anne d’Auray as well. They came with their children and were received in the palais de la motte (where today lies the préfecture or regional government building).

The animations starts from 14h30 to 20h each day, and there are walks with all personalities around town at 16h30, from the Church of Saint Pattern, 17h from the Place Maurice Marchais, and at 22h30 from the same square Place Maurice Marchais. Fireworks at the ramparts garden at 23h30. We were early at 10h30 in the Hôtel de Ville where the foreign visitors will be presented and bal dance held as well as marching band from the period.

Some of the artists that will be here of my interest are the Centre Equestre de Plougoumelen.   And the Fundacion Bodas de Isabel of  Teruel, which has an event there in Spain later on in the year as well, very popular:

There will be navette bus free from the right bank of the harbor area or le port, and the parc du golfe, and parking Racker. And the city of Vannes had a bus from midnight 00h30 departing from the Place de la République , front of the post office building. We park in place de la Liberation bus terminal area for free and walk 10 minutes to city center.

A great event and more on the city of Vannes page here:

We always enjoy it, and be ready next time to be in the area; you will enjoy it too.

Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes

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