Some news from France,CXXXVII

This was a mix rainy in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon, and we go up to 20C in my Morbihan Breton. Tomorrow is the big party here Fête Nationale or National Day or old Bastille Day, 14 of July. IN Vannes we have the Fête Historiques with special presentation of the life and history of Napoléon III and in Brest the great Sailing event with the Hermione on tap (the boat that took Marquis de Lafayette to help the American independance) ,the replica of the boat.

However, just fresh off Portugal winning the Euro16, here are some places to taste the Portugal in Paris from Le Figaro.

Don Antonia 8, rue de la Grange-aux-Belles (10eme). Near the Canal Saint Martin; line 5 metro Jacques Bonsergent .  Tél. +34 (0) 1 42 45 72 06. Open every day except Mondays from  8h30 to 19h.  You taste here the pastéis de nata ;pastel de coco, bola de berlim, pastel de feijao, bolo de arroz. All at good prices.

Nata Republic , 68, rue du Temple (3éme). Tél. +34 (0) 1 42 78 27 34. open every day from  8h30 to 20h30. You can try here sandwichs bifana (ground iberico pig, and sauce paprika) or assado (Young pork grill with  coleslaw) and salads Lisbon (chick peas, codfish, coriander) or thins beans ,tuna ( thins beans ,tuna and red onions). A corner of Lisbon in Paris.

Portologia, 42, rue Chapon (3eme). Tél. +34( 0) 9 52 59 22 29. Open every day except Mondays from  10h to 20h (until 22h30  Thursdays to Saturdays). Open since last December ’15, and already visited myself as an avid porto fan. Showcasing more than  200  different portos  rosé, white, tawny or ruby; but , also, rare wines from the Valley of the Douro. And  cold meats, cheeses, and preserves.

Passarito Mon Amour,  10, rue des Goncourt (11eme). Tél. +34 (0) 9 83 31 25 06.  Open every day except Sundays evenings and Mondays. Other than food from SouthWest of France it has Portuguese especialties such as  feijao frade salads, caldo verde ( sort of a soup of  cabbage), cold meats, cheeses, and again the great pastéis de Nata. Also, vinho verde with a small grocery store and cellar.

La Caravelle des Saveurs, 12, rue du Faubourg St Martin (10eme). Tél. +34 (0) 1 40 37 67 69. Open every day except Mondays from  10h30 to 20h. Cheeses of figs from the Algarve,jellies of white/red berries,  oils and wines from many régions of Portugal and beyond Cape Verde, Brazil, Angola…). Sandwichs, sweets and pasteis de nata to taste on site and apéro or happy hour sort of from 19h30 to 21h30.

And after this gourmet tour of Portugal in Paris we move on to well Saint-Germain-des-Prés of Paris.

L’Avant Comptoir de la Mer,  3, carrefour de l’Odéon (6eme). Tél. +34 (0) 1 42 38 47 55. This is seafood and tapas from the great restaurant chain led by Yves Camderborde I have been to the resto next door ,great place.  More on it in Facebook.

L’Alcazar, 62, rue Mazarine (6eme). Tél. +34 (0) 1 53 10 19 99. Tropical setting brasserie and concerts, used to come here a lot, it’s a great place , resto and then dancing….

L’Hotel, 13, rue des Beaux-Arts (6eme). Tél. +34 (0) 1 44 41 99 00. The last stop of Oscar Wilde ;wonderful Paris:

Musée de Cluny,  6, place Paul-Painlevé (5eme).Tél. +34 (0) 1 53 73 78 00. Middle ages and one of the nicest places to visit, one of my first visits to a museum in France with a history professor of univ of Paris IV!

Henri Le Roux,  1, rue Bourbon-le-Château (6eme). Tél. +34 (0) 1 82 28 49 80. Visit something Breton in Paris and great chocolates especially the first salted caramel chocolate candy.  The original is near me in Quiberon.

Prescription Cocktail Club,  23, rue Mazarine (6eme). Tél. +34 (0) 9 50 35 72 87.  Great anglo saxon spirit in decor and music, original recettes in shaker style and good ambiance, pretty crowd

6, rue de Fürstenberg (6eme). Tél. +34 (0) 1 44 41 86 50. Another of the nice small muséums of Paris.  Delacroix last of the renaissance and first of the modernist managed by the Louvre and a great enclosed garden by place de Fürstenberg.

Goût de Brioche, 54, rue Mazarine (6eme). Tél. +34 (0) 1 40 46 91 67.  The emblematic  brioche feuilletée aux champignons et truffes of Guy Savoy now in a store and still done by his master pastrymaker Christian Boudard to die for it. Go!

And to finish the post, 3 muséums that are very near to me in my beloved Versailles.

Musée Lambinet, for the history of Versailles a lot more than the castle. 54 boulevard de la Reine;built in 1751 the building in Louis XV style with 35 rooms of showcasing Versailles.  You can get here on Phébus bus network on lines A, B, D, E, H, G, T Express, or Tri, stops of  “Gare-Rive Droite”, “Reine-Gare-Rive-Droite” or “Place du Marché Notre-Dame”.

Orangerie du Domaine de Madame Elizabeth (the home of the sister of Louis XVI also beheaded by the revolutionaries in 1794) ,26 rue Champ Lagarde , but you can walk from the castle up rue de Paris to no 73 on left hand side and go in to the park and the house is there as the city tells you. From Paris on the bus 171 stop Jean Mermoz.

And the story of Madame Elizabeth is told here too;

And L’Osmothèque de Versailles. 36 rue du parc-de-Clagny. This a perfum museum of all samples done during the monarchy and more, the original of Marie-Antoinette is here. You need to contact the tourist office for a visit.  Best to leave Paris by Gare Saint Lazare to my old home station of Versailles rive droite and then take phebus bus G stop Général Mangin.

Enjoy it, if one famous said Paris is a mouvable feast, he was short, as the second volume should have read France is a mouvable feast ! Happy 14 Juillet France.


2 Comments to “Some news from France,CXXXVII”

  1. So sad about events in Nice!
    We are near Cognac. Very peaceful and hot, swimming in the Charente river to cool off. We are on our way to Sam Sebastián and Zaragoza. Happy Sunday.


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