My travels in the Morbihan XXIII

This is the Morbihan dept 56 where I live, and it is in Bretagne Sud  or South Brittany in the region of Brittany , France.

Capital city is Vannes with a history of over 2000 years from the times of the Vénètes. And part of France since 1532. Some of the things of heritage to see here are the Porte Saint Vincent, le lavoir or laundry of the Garenne, the ramparts, Cathedral Saint Pierre, the statue of two women or Vannes et sa femme in place Valencia, the port or harbor area around Le Port; the Halle aux poissons or fish market, the porte de Prison or prison gate, the district of Saint Patern the oldest in Vannes and a nice Church of Saint Patern; and château de l’Hermine. Tourist office ;

Coming up on July 16 we have the Bal des Pompiers 2016 or the firemen ball, from 18h.  It is held since 2012, every year with more and more folks. You have live music by Job from 18h to 21h  and later DJ Jean  Teck from 21h to 02h. This year the benefits will go to AIMET for the trisomic children. it is held by the collége Jules Simon, next to the Hôtel de Ville or city hall, 2€ admission.

You have coming the Festival au Pont du Rock July 16-23 in the town of Malestroit. It is their 26th edition.  Alternative Rock to blues rock, pop rock,hip hop, reggae, and electro.  Many participants groups and singers of the genres, at the Espace Maurice Melois, admission two days 58€, or Fridays 32€ or Saturday 38€.  more info here :

At my nearby holy place of Sainte Anne d’Auray, the mysteries of Sainte Anne 1625. The association spectacles Yvon Nicolazic will show the events of the 17C  that will mark the history of this region. More than 200 actors will play the history that the humble family of Nicolazic living in the Hamlet of Ker Anna saw the apparition of Sainte Anne, (mother of Mary , grandmother of Jesus; patron Sainte of Brittany).  It will be play in the theater open air of Pont Er Groah in town on a field of 7000 m2 on the spot of the chapel in 1630 built by Yvon Nicolazic and later in 1872 the Basilica of Sainte Anne that is today. The second place of pilgrimage in France behind of Lourdes. July 25-26 every year more than 150 000 pilgrims come here on that date, with 600000 to 700000 per year. The show will start at 22h and last 2hrs. the dates of July 27,28,and 29 as well as August 1-3. admission 14€ adults. More info here;

See the pardon on the Sainte Anne;  July 25-26 this year, Monday at 15h , 16-19h confessions, 18h30 Mass, 21h30 the eve individual confessions and procession, and from midnight to 07h night of adoration, Tuesday, confessions all day, 7h30 to 9h Mass, at 9h Mass in Breton language, 10h45 procession, 11h Pontifical Mass, 14h30 Marian prayer multilingual, 15h pontifical blessings, 18h30 Mass. More at

Some nice towns to visit around Vannes are Arradon, Séné, Saint Goustan/Auray, Saint Avé, Le Bono, Baden, Rochefort-en-Terre, (the most preferred town of the French 2016 by TV poll); Presqu’île de Quiberon, Suscinio and the Presqu’île de Rhuys.  Also, the islands of Île aux Moines, île d’Arz, Hoëdic, Houat, Groix, Belle île en Mer, and Gravinis.  The beaches of Plage de Suscinio 3 kms of on Beglan and pointe de Penvins, grande plage de Carnac, plage de Magouêro at Plouhinec, plage du Fogeo at Arzon, plage de Kerhillio at Erdeven, plage de Mané Guen at Plouharnel, and Grande Plage at Quiberon.  Some heritage places to visit are Domaine de Kerguéhennec at Bignan, Château de Suscinio at Sarzeau, Château Gaillard at Vannes , Château de Largoet at Elven, Citadelle Vauban at Belle-île en Mer, Ecomusée de Saint Dégan at Brech, La Cohue musée des Beaux-Arts at Vannes, Cairn de Gavrinis at Larmor Baden, and the alignment of megaliths stones at Carnac. All written before so search for the posts in my blog.

The area cider is famous as a traditional drink of Brittany since Celtic times. Some of the best are La Maison du Cidre at Le Hézo where we buy ours, ; also we buy nearer us at Cidrerie des Terroirs at Colpo,

Many others such as the Cidrerie Nicol at Surzur, and the Distellerie du Gorvello are good ones too.

The wonderful oysters or huîtres are just awesome here. From our area the ones we buy are La Perle de Quehan at Saint-Philibert; which is ,also, a restaurant next door; ; and Ostréiculture Captain Marée at Séné;

Other good ones are Ostréculteur Marion Eude at Sarzeau. And Les parcs de Navihan ,at Belz,  where we buy too.

Get your biscuits of all shapes and tastes since 1958 at Biscuiterie de Kerlann, locations in Vannes, Auray(just open recently)  and al.

From the volunteer lifesavers organisation SNSM click on the clock and will see the tides for the Gulf here;

The best zoo in the region at Branfére, with a parcabout park, admission for all now 19,50€ adults.

The Aquarium of Vannes;

the Jardin aux Papillons (butterflies) of Vannes;

And for the bird lovers 530 hectares of Réserve Naturelle de Séné;

For the fisherman in all of us head for the Guide de Pêche Morbihan;

For the scuba diver in all of us (missed it greatly due to health reasons, used to be PADI certified); this one is a good one:

From July 11 to August 1 on the beach at Carnac Zumba sur la plage, zumba dance courses from 19h30 to 20h30, Grande Plage next to Yacht Club;free.

The Fêtes Historiques this year the emperor Napoléon III at Vannes July 13-14 free.  From the Ramparts and the old town Streets to place Maurice Marchais by Hôtel de Ville.

Journées du vent 150 cerf-volistes at Sarzeau, ponte de la Chapelle July 14-17; all kinds of kites more here:

July 16-17 the 4th stage of the Tour de France sailing boat race (copying the one on bicycle race)  will pass by Baden and the île aux Moines from the site of Toulindac as well as a sailing regatta convoy. more here:

The Interceltique Festival of Lorient, August 5-14 2016, this is the 46th edition of Breton Celtic traditions. Invited country this year is Australia. More here:

At Damgan, you have the Fête de la Mer or Sea Festival on August 6-7 2016. Saturday by 17h arrival of all boats, with Celtic music, Sunday Mass in open air and benediction of the boats at sea, during the day the 13th edition of Salon du Livre or book fair with over 50 local writers and local games, and many other. Port de Pénerf, Damgan, free. More here;

The Grand Cirque sur l’Eau or the Great water circus will be held at the Hippodrome de Cano or racecourse of Cano in the community of Séné. July 30-31, and August 1st; many sea animals on acrobatics acts in a 60K liter water pool.admission from 22€. July 29 and July 30 will be at Stade de Bel Air,rue du Moulin in Auray. more here:

The Jazz en Ville at Vannes jazz and more jazz with the spirit of New Orléans, in the city center clubs, surrounding areas and ramparts. From 14h to 01h, jardin des remparts July 25-29 2016. more here:

This is my Morbihan, enjoy it, do come, it will surprise you/ Enjoy your Sunday.



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