Some routine up my alleys in the Morbihan

Well sunny days are here and the first “bouchon” OR traffic jams going down South to vacation by the French and other passing folks. Here , the traffic is getting heavy on the known main routes , but ,of course, you need to plan ahead for alternates routes.

I had my usual normal Saturday when staying “home” loading up for tomorrow’s  Final of the Euro16 football /soccer championship between the host France and Portugal at 21h local hour shown on National TV here in M6 chain.

I started my routine with my twin boys going to a tournament of Mario/FIFA 16 video games at the movie house Cinéville Parc Lann in Vannes. An event organise by the Micromania folks of which they are regular customers ::) .This was even publicise in the local newspaper Ouest France. In French:

We then headed to Le Roc Saint André, and the Brasserie Lancelot, the local beer guru brewery , but not planning ahead , it was closed. We past the city center/downtown and saw  the beautiful Church of Saint André; of course, you can search my other posts on it; more in French here:

The brewery site is here, very good stuff and locally made all:

Missing the purchase on site, we headed for our favorite store in Vannes. Before, that duty call to stop by the Castorama store to pick up some work to do in the house, always things to do. This time is insulation for the laundry room which we have a second kitchen too ::) in the basement. Here is the store:

It was time to be hungry , and as my twins were still in their game, we headed to nearby Tablapizza for lunch à 3.  Here we had a square camembert fondue cheese platter, and two Spanish pizzas (with chorizo) as well as a bottle of house Rosé from the Luberon region, and the famous combi of cafe gourmand, coffee and small sweets such as tiramisu, vanilla ice cream ,and créme brulée cream as well as a chocolate dish with chocolates balls; all for 18.66€ per person. Nice. The store here in French:

Fully loaded we headed for our favorite beer place to finally load up for tomorrow’s match/game. This is a concept store, and call V and B;  where it mixes liquor store of hard liquor, wines, and beers on one side and a tasting bar on the other ,where you can taste before you buy, have a happy hour /apéro, and very family oriented with kids all over and it closes by 20h so no standing around for the vice crowds. The store I was on the one in Auray yesterday with a collègue from work ,his wife and one year old kid. This time we purchase on the one in Vannes across from the Castorama store. More here:

I took advantage to car wash by the Leclerc hypermarket nearby and spent some time Inside the center ,such as getting a drink at La Transat bar; giving time to finally pickup my twins by 19h and headed home.  On the way , we stop by the town of Mériadec to grab some campagne breads country style for one euro each in our usual boulangerie on the D19 road. Relax, it’s Saturday.

Hope you are enjoying yours wherever you are and have a great weekend!

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