Some news from France CXXXVI

And now it seems we are getting hotter, today was up to 25C or about 77F around Brittany. So things looking good, and we are ready for some of France’s good news.

The exhibition : THE AMERICAN FRIEND, THE FRENCH AND THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION (1775 – 1783)  From Tuesday July 5 to Saturday, October 8, 2016 – Library of Versailles – Gallery of Foreign Affairs – 5, rue de l’Indépendance Américaine. The story has not spread enough of the initial help France and King Louis XVI gave to the new nation of the USA, from the Marquis de Lafayette to the less known Marquis de La Rouërie.

By the way Happy 4th of July to all Americans wherever you are ::)  And along these lines, we have the organisation  Pershing La Fayette  doing a ceremony today at 11h at the monument of the same name, located on des Etats Unis ( United States)  at Versailles and near  the town of Ville-d’Avray (Hauts-de-Seine 92 ). The day of July 4 is not selected by chance because it’s the anniversary of American independence. The association will benefit to make the point on his project of restoration of the two statues of Pershing and La Fayette at the top of the monument. She hopes to raise €500,000 to make such the statues are reinstall   by  June 13, 2017, that corresponds to the centenary of the arrival of General Pershing in Versailles . We remember ,and this it with nice pictures text in French:

NEW YORK TIMES did a survey where it places Amsterdam in the lead to take over from London as the European financial capital. Paris is far behind due to low English speaking abilities 39% , high cost of living, difficult airports, as well as French hostility to the wealthy. More here,

The UK want it Brexit but the folks who fought for it now are resigning, first was Boris Johnson (the ex mayor of London and American born), and now is Nigel Farage the UKIP. Lol! What a bunch of confusing folks it seems to me the UK got a bit of the Chavez syndrome….::) .The EU isn’t just a marriage of economic convenience. It’s a bulwark against the nationalism, militarism, and plain hatred that caused two world wars. Before the vote, European Council President Donald Tusk, a former Polish prime minister, told the German newspaper Bild, “As a historian I fear that Brexit could in fact be the start of the process of destruction of not only the EU but also of Western political civilization.” And to add see why it was never a Union per se ;the U.K. is outside a lot of Europe’s circles of authority. By choice, it’s not 1 of the 19 countries using the euro currency. It’s also not part of the 26-nation Schengen Area, which prohibits border controls between members. It’s inside the EU’s Customs Union, a free-trade zone that negotiates tariffs with nonmembers. The British will want to keep that arrangement with the EU even after leaving. Source Bloomberg

EURO16  Now we are into the semi finals and the game between France and Germany is historical and always full of drama. As France never been able to break away with a win first in 1982, 1986, 2014 ,and 2015.  These four dates are critical in the memory of the two teams. The third time they will face in semi final level in official competition after those of 1982 and 1984.  Never mind, Germany had never beaten Italy in Worlds or Euro competition and they did this time, so France can do the same ::) .  The other semifinals are between Wales and Portugal and since both have Real Madrid players I am neutral on this one ::).

About 30 owners of old cars gave themselves an appointment in the Place Vauban (7éme) , near the Invalides to protest against the traffic restrictions put in place by the Mayor of Paris: since Friday, cars registered before 1 January 1997 and powered two-wheelers  before June 1, 2000 can no longer circulate in Paris workdays between 8h and 20h. Gathered under the banner of the French Federation of citizens motorists (FFAC), they denounced “unjust and environmentally ineffective measure. A 1995 Mini which uses 4 liters per 100 kms cannot move freely in the capital while a 4 x 4 2010 which engulfs 15 per 100 kms can. Indeed another twisted rule by Paris , you cannot regulate years but individual polluters. Source Le Parisien
The hamlet (Hameau) and the Musée Fournaise, located on the île d’Impressionistes at Chatou , welcome starting today the exhibition Beyond the Frame” of the American sculptor John Seward Johnson Jr.  The 85-year-old artist is known for his bronzes life-size scenes of daily life, for its monumental statues and its reproductions in three dimensions from existing works. Three of them, inspired by famous Impressionist paintings, will be visible until November 7. It‘s ‘Dance at Bougival’ and ‘Two sisters’, two signed paintings Auguste Renoir, and “in the greenhouse” by Edouard Manet. Source Le Parisien.
The Airports of Lyon and Nice-Côte d’Azur are candidates for privatization by airport groups, still held 60% by the State, had indeed until this Monday, 12 hours to file their offers firm and definitive with the interests of the State Agency. Seven consortia are still in contention, on the present nine depositing indicative tenders, from April 28 last. Five have applied for Nice and Lyon. Two are 100% french. It is the case of the consortium comprising Vinci Airports, second french airport operator, Caisse des dépôts and the insurer Predica (Crédit Agricole). It is also the case of the grouping formed by the Fund Ardian, owner, amongt others , of the London Luton Airport, with JCDecaux and Caisse d’Epargne in Nice. In addition to the latter it has mobilized also in Lyon, Ardian has partnered with the Fund LBO, the owner of Olympique Lyonnais, Jean-Michel Aulas, the institutional (Groupama, Apicil, Credit Agricole EC) and enjoys local nonfinancial support (Adecco, April, etc.) Other are from abroad, this is the case of the German insurer Allianz, associated with 50-50 to the American Fund GIP for the airport of Nice, and the tandem formed by Australian investor Macquarie, world‘s leading airport group, with holding FFP of the Peugeot family, for the Lyon Airport. Moreover, the Principality of Monaco  have  intention to join the winners of Nice, with up to 10% participation,  but without wishing to participate in the bidding. A going thing now in many towns of Europe. Source  Les Echos
It‘s time for the Tour de France bicycle race. Starting this year from the Mont Saint Michel on last Saturday, July 2. The 103rd  edition placed under high security as all the major sporting events of the moment in the context of terrorist threat. And ,still on which still hovers the shadow of dopingDuring the race, the 198 riders must run thru  3,535 kilometers in 21 stages ,the longest, between Saumur and Limoges, totalling 232 km and cross 600 municipalities. The Spanish Alberto Contador, British Chris Froome and Colombian Nairo Quintana are the favorites. The Tour de France, as always highly publicized, will be attended by 2,000 journalists and broadcast in 190 countries around the world, over 100 television channels including 60 live. Finally, today ,Monday, the peloton will start from Granville and then will leave the Department and the region, in the direction of Angers, Maine-et-Loire. Follow it , is great and wonderful sights.
The ile de France region will declare its support for EuropaCity, tonite. At a public meeting organised in Gonesse(Val d’Oise, 95) in the Grand-Roissy le Bourget area as one of the first global aviation  and powerful cluster of international tradeA pole mounted on the dept 95 (Val d’Oise) and the 93(Seine-Saint-Denis) , in which EuropaCity would fit alongside the Bourget and Roissy airports. As long as the project helps get local employment by a minimum of 30%. Another point: the need that EuropaCity “differentiates the local shops of the sector”, to not cannibalize. The area for transportation, the region asked to ensure to avoid any impact on the French highway network Meeting of this motion to be held for public debate, tonite at  20h., salle Jacques Brel, Rue Commander Maurice Fourneau in Gonesse. Source the Parisien. This is a huge shopping and entertainement center to be built.
The monumental clock adorning the pediment of the Château in Saint Germain en Laye again gives the exact time. Done in the 1870s, it has been  refurbish  as part of the extensive restoration work .  The enamelled lava dial has thus regained its original colors. Technicians have also adapted a new timer and changed all of the clock driver, i.e. the mechanism allowing needles of animate. Source the Parisien and
From this morning, motorists who travel the A12 and the N10 roads  will have to let go of the pedal.  The maximum speed is reduced on these two sections by 20 km/h in both directions of traffic. It passes from 130 km/h to 110 km/h on the highway A12 between the triangle de Rocquencourt and tunnel of Fontenay-le-Fleury and 110 km/h to 90 km/h on the N10 between the tunnel and the interchange with the D910 . In Ile-de-France, four other areas are concerned; this is the case on the A115 in the Val-d’Oise, the A104 in Seine-et-Marne or even the N6 in Essonne. Advanced objective: reduce congestion, noise and pollution. Source the Parisien
Enjoy your time in France.

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