Some news from France CXXXII

Ok it’s Friday, time to reflect on the weekend as we do always plan plan and plan. One word for my British friends, hang in there, you are still with us in heart and soul in Europe.

Lang Lang of China is coming to the palace of Versailles, to play Chopin! July 5 at 21h at the Royal Opéra, see it;

You want to follow Hemingway on his bars around the world, well here they are : El Floridita in Havana centro nothing did more for his fancies since 15 it was here he said. He was ,also, at  Sloppy Joe’s , Key West, Ritz hotel bar  at Paris or the  Chicote in Madrid . Also, Harry’s bar at Venice, Italy, and more while in Paris ,he also, went to La Closerie des Lilas, Le Dingo (now gone where he met F. Scott Fitzgerald ) or the Le Nègre de Toulouse resto now gone too. And of course, many others, who hasn’t read the book and this famous words of always true Paris If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”

At the House or Maison de Balzac, until October 2, 2106, Expo on Balzac and the artists, myth and reality,

See Charles le Brun, the sun king painter, until August 29 2016 at Lens ,Louvre museum :

Camoin dans sa Lumiére or lights in  the Musée Granet in Aix-en-Provence , and see the Relationship of artists like Cézanne, Matisse , etc, until October 2, 2016.

Fête du Cinéma 2016 is back, movie festival in Paris; from June 26 to the 29 2016. Movies from 4€ sponsored by BNP Paribas bank,

and the films on play are here:

Be ready for summer in Paris going to these wonderful terrases:

Plaza Havana au Café  148, rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin (10e). Tél.: 09 81 29 83 38. open every day from 10h to 2h (11h to midnight on Sundays). Bar with mojitos  from 18h.

Taîsho in the Aquarium of  Paris – Cinéaqua. 5, avenue Albert de Mun (16e). Tél.: 01 40 69 23 23.  open Wednesdays to Sundays from  15h to 1h.

Grand Train 26 ter rue Ordener (18e). Tél.: 01 48 24 34 02. Open  Wednesdays to Sundays  from 11h to 23h30.

Le Jardin Municipal  55/57, rue des Francs-Bourgeois (4e). Tél.: 06 32 00 98 26.  Every day Mondays to Thursdays from 10h30 to midnight, Fridays and Saturdays from  10h30 to 1h , and Sundays from midday to midnight.

Barapapa  Port de la Rapée (12e). Tél.: 06 50 89 18 08.  open every day from  11h to 2h.

And some others, like the Perchoir de l’Est on top of the train station Gare de l’Est! go by the wing or aile Saint Martin. Paillotte de l’Opéra on the terrace of the Opéra Garnier  1, place Jacques Rouche (9e). The roofstop du Point Ephémére with réservations wed to sun. if weather permitting go in by  200, quai de Valmy (Xe), street side.  And the Café HeJ in the gardens of the Institut Suédois, wed to sun, go in by the grill door in the garden on 10, rue Elzévir (3e).

This weekend (sorry for the short notice) musée du Quai Branly is celebrating it’s 10 years! free admission and many activities;

In my beloved Versailles, the palace is holding a mémorial on the days of Charles De Gaulle in the palace running until November 9, 2016: more here:

The programing will come soon and will run to July 16 2016; but do not miss the Versailles Festival;

And the coaches or horse carriage museum  (Galerie des Carrosses) will reopen in Versailles after many years of renovation better than ever do not miss this opportunity.

Until October 25 2016 you can see the Les Jardins Musicaux or musical gardens ,  to see the gardens in summer is wonderful, with all its hidden corners and sections done with a musical promenade. More info here in French:

and a pdf file map of the gardens for printing and directions:

In the city of Versailles the famous Lycée Hoche (high school) will host an exposition on its actions during WWI call 14-18 au Lycée Hoche-students and wounded reunited ,on until December 1st 2016: more in French here:

La voie de l’écuyer opus 2016, (way of the squire) in the Grande écuries in front of the palace of Versailles, directed by Bartabàs; more info here:

The same Bartabàs will do every Sunday mornings the Les Matinales des écuyers new version.  Visit into the intimacy of work sessions, witness the rider’s daily training. Done every 20 minutes on Sundays from 10h to 12h; more info here:

In summer if you go by the tourist office at 2bis avenue de Paris, you can reserve a ride in horse wagon thru the Streets of Versailles! Every Sunday (except May 1) at 15h15 and every Tuesdays at 17h45, trip last about an hour and cost 23€. Contact the Versailles tourist office at  tel +33 (0) 1 39 24 88 88 or email

For short weekend trips as I like here, we use weekendesk ; in French , here is more:

And one of my favorites park when working in Paris  and living in Versailles was to go to the Jardin de Bagatelle in the bois de Boulogne ,exactly on the allée de Longchamp street. You can get here from Neuilly on bus 43 or 244 leaving from metro Pont de Neuilly. The park is open from March 1st to Sept 30th from 8h30 to 19h and the rest of the year from 9h to 17h. The castle in it is open from March 15 to October 31st Saturdays and Sundays afternoons.

This park was built on a spirit of the times a game of words when Marie-Antoinette yell chichel and the count of Artois (brother of the king Louis XVI) yell bagatelle. It took 900 workers working day and night in 1775. The gardener was Thomas Blaikie in the anglo chinese style, with an English garden with Under wood spots of water and shady grasses with cascades, caves, and a love pavillion. In the 19C the garden was enlarged into an orangerie and a parterre à la French style. One of its owner was  Richard Wallace (the same of the fountains Wallace) and adds pavillions of hunting and the Trianon.  It was acquired in 1904 by the city of Paris that adds a rosary ,themes gardens ,and contest on gardening specially on roses.

More in French from city of Paris  here: and English from the tourist office of Paris here:

Enjoy it, and have a great weekend everyone!

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