Some news from Spain XXI

Here I am again on Spain other of my beautiful countries, and Lucky to be there every year ,again this summer vacation there! Some interesting facts to know when going to Spain, everything Under the sun.

Some ideas for summer rural rentals as we are doing it too in the Serranias…. Suggestions:

Fuerte Grazalema (Cadiz) Natural Park of the Sierra de Grazalema, The Anadio (Jaén) livestock of bulls of lidia in the Natural Park of the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas and Sierra Morena. You have this wonderful rural house.

The Casona del Boticario( apothecary )(La Rioja) located in the heart of San Vicente de la Sonsierra. This old manor house from the 18C has 10 rooms with views of the countryside and a large garden You can go to Pecina (about 3-4 kms) to the Ermita of Santa Maria of the Piscina (swimming pool), on a Hill between two plaines of smaller hills.

La Garriga de Castelladral (Barcelona)  14 rooms belonging to a community of cyclists and a Bikefriendly quality seal recognition. It has mountain bikes, electric bikes for adults and offers different routes to enjoy the surroundings. Those who brings their own bike can use a small workshop to store it and repair it.

Finca El Cercado (Palencia) farm 4 kms of Baltanas and 30 kms of Palencia but also can go by boat or canoe the Emblematic canal of Castile(Castilla).

Candelaria Experience (Ávila) African lodge but in the South face of the sierra de gredos mountains offer excursions on horseback with a picnic included; they have a collection of vintage cars and horse wagons.  An airplane to fly over the massif of Gredos or the Rosarito reservoir, swimming pool, Spa and paddle tenis court, guides for bird watching, and possibility of water sports in the Isla de Valdecanas  A novelty, this year there are new crystalise suites that gives the feelilng of sleeping among the trees.

Finca El Carpintero valle del Jerte (Cáceres), on the southern slope of the Sierra de Gredos. Hence the Finca El Carpintero is the property has a pool of salt water and curdling garden of aromatic plants, chestnut trees and cypresses of considerable height.  A large hydrangea tree in the front door gives more than 2000 flowers every spring, and  their organic garden giving out jams and other products that will be served on the breakfast table.

Tierra del agua (Land of water) (Asturias)  Redes Natural Park.  We had to choose between hiking, excursions in 4×4, photographic safaris , tasting products ,guided harvesting as well as Casin cheese or cider production.

The Anades (Guadalajara) sierra de Guadalajara and the parks natural del Alto Tajo, hotel rural Los Anades is located in the village of Abánades, has three cottages of stone and wood with a capacity for 8 people (four rooms) which, although within the complex, allow for a more independent life with the family. This does not prevent for dining at the hotel ,enjoy the pampering in the spa or request prepare a picnic…Breakfast is included in the House.

The House of the Moyas (Teruel) Valley of Olba, on the banks of the river Mijares.  Between the mountain ranges of Gúdar- Javalambre and Espadán, the Moyas House is  starting point for numerous excursions for mountain lovers who find here also, a real paradise for climbing, canyoning, mountain biking, and night crossings.  Consist of 2 accommodation; La Casa with capacity for 10 persons and enticing outdoor barbecue area located in a former wine bodega; and La Casita, designed for 4 persons.

Some about my Tenerife of heart:  It is possible to plunge into the forest of laurisilva in the Anaga massif to connect with nature or take advantage of the tranquility and privacy offered by the pristine beaches of the North. Recommendation: take a dip in the refreshing waters of Benijo Beach and watch a spectacular sunset. At La Orotava; there are several restaurants that combine local food with an exquisite atmosphere. Nearby is one of the culinary gems of the island: El Calderito de la Abuela. A cosy restaurant in which taste typical delicacies that make your mouth water as cheese fried with mojo palmero, cane honey and coriander mojo as they contemplate spectacular views over Mount Teide and the sea. Speaking of the Teide, there is an original way of living it. What better way to enjoy the sunrise or sunset from the highest point of Spain with Volcano Teide Experience tours as one has it never taken a tour but this one is recommended by local friends. The ravine of Masca enjoying views that take away the breath. El Medano, vibrant place and picturesque filled with bars where relax and drink a beer or two. Located facing the Bay of Los Cristianos, hotel Sensimar Gran Arona ,when looking for a quiet day, you can enjoy in its magnificent new Spa some of their star treatments. It can be also finished the day tasting the flavours of the island facing the Bay at the restaurant Culinarium. Hotel only for adults to enjoy the peace and live a perfect experience. Tourism Tenerife:

And back to Madrid ; some nice walking trails for summer: Chorrera de los Litueros or Chorro of Somosierra at Puerto Somosierra (Madrid). You get here by taking  A1 to exit 91, direction Somosierra leave the vehicle at the parking located left hand, west side of the port, next to the Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad. You can start your walks from here (not a big walker myself but this is nice) . It is a succession of waterfalls, whose three main ones are at about 50 meters in height. Not much, we know that in the country of the blind the one-eyed man is King, enough in any case to be the highest in the community of Madrid. Both the vertical descend, as it is located at higher altitudes in the province: slightly less than 1,500 meters above the sea, at its highest level. Las Pedrizas, resulting in the birth of the Duratón, Segovia River known for harboring the colony of Griffon Vulture most important in Europe.

It was here  at Chorro de Somosierra, where occurred the famous charge of the Polish cavalry, integrated into the French army led by Napoleon, approaching to take  Madrid. Considered the greatest success of that elite corps, took place at the battle of Somosierra, on November 30, 1808. Napoleon entrusted to take the Spanish positions  to the Polish horsemen. These, eager to show their worth before the Gallic Emperor, made a suicide charge up the hillside ; they lost two-thirds of its forces, but they were able to take the enemy positions and put into flight  the Spaniards. It was the most legendary of their heroic military deeds which passed to the history.

Webpage (in Spanish):

Some walking routes of Spain, again not a big Walker fan ,but these are wonderful taken the Caminito in the older days and Montfalco many Friends talk about them. Caminito del Rey (Malaga) was built between 1901 and 1905 as a service road for the dam of the Conde Guadalhorce, whose inauguration was done by King Alfonso XIII – hence the nickname of the road. It was reopened on March 28, 2015. The impressive journey runs 7.7 kms – 4.8 kms accesses and 2.9 kms gateways, along the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes Gorge, a natural cut made by the Guadalhorce River in the Sierra de Huma, and that in some stretch leads suspended at more than 100 meters high. Plunging down this trail is a great experience which can take about 3-4 hours, depending on the physical state you are in. more info here:

Montfalcó (Lleida-Huesca) opened in 2013, is located in the extraordinary Gorge of Mont-rebei in the Sierra de Montsec and connects the banks of the river Noguera Ribargorzana along a path of 4.1 kms. The most impressive segments of this route are the two air sections of foot bridges and staircases. The first from a height of 33 meters Montfalcó, after ascending 132 steps, while the second stands more than 50 meters vertically after 159 stair climbing steps.More need still to overcome a metallic suspension bridge of 36 meters in length connecting Huesca with Lleida. And if you still have forces, can link later with the historic “path” GR-1, that goes to the Congost de Mont-Ebei, an extraordinary carved path in the rock that reaches La Masieta, and has an area of 4 kms. In total, the full path can be done in 4 hours. More info in Spanish:

Route of the Cares (León-Asturias) known also as ‘Garganta Divina’, (diving throat) the route of Cares is a wonderful journey of 12 kms which connects the villages of Cain (Léon) and Poncebos (Asturias). The road is literally carved in the Gorge of the River Cares, which flows through the National Park of the Picos de Europa, an authentic natural paradise. The original route began at Posada de Valdeón, but this point add 10 extra kilometres and is difficult to do in a day. It is not a tour very demanding ; the hardest part is the two kms of ascent from Poncebos, but you have to take into account the return, what sum in total 24 kms. It can be completed in 6-8 hours (round-trip). More info here:

And of course, do not forget this jewel,  See the Mezquita of Cordoba, first islamic and then temple of Christian, the Cathedral. One of the oldest European buildings in use and the most notable example of the symbiosis between yesterday and today which is part of the city of Cordoba. See it if you can.

People I know always ask me for the gold question how to get from the airport to the city in Madrid or Barcelona, even my business friends. So here is a simple information. At Adolfo Suarez Barajas-Madrid airport  a taxi will take on average 30 minutes drive and within the M30 beltway road of inner Madrid the price is fix at 30€; you need to determine your distance to see if taken a regular taxi comes out cheaper than the new fix price rule. For areas closer to the airport side arriving in Madrid will be cheaper on the regular taxi, but to the Centro, the fix rate is a winner. You have the bus Express  takes about the same on average 30 minutes and cost 5€ stopping at Cibeles, Atocha which are convenient to city transportation. The Metro (subway/tube) is on line 8 to Nuevos Ministerios for 4,50€ and you can get off as I do often before in Colombia for city connections.  In Barcelona, the taxi from Prat de Llobregat airport takes about 30 minutes and cost about 25-30€. You have the wonderful Aérobus for 5,90€ takes about 35 minutes stopping at Plaça Espanya and Praca Catalunya. for local connections. The metro L9 Sud, has a stop at Terminal 1 and 2,takes about 30 minutes cost about 4,50€; you need to make connection (like Europa Fira or Zona Universidad )as the line does not pass by tourist areas in Barcelona but its an option.

Enjoy it and have a great rest of the week y’all ::)



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