Some news from France, CXXXI

Here is back to the routine and some news on my belle France ;current and past. The times are rainy here but some sun is propping up for tomorrow around 21C  or about 62F in my area and from 7C to 29C all over France.

This Sunday, the small church Saint-Germain de Charonne , Paris 20éme ;(well known to lovers of  heritage but also fans of the cult les Tontons flingueurs film the final scene was shot here) will host again parishioners for the first time since December 2009. It is on this date that the Church of the 12C was closed for rénovations. Source Le Parisien  
Until  the final whistle of the Euro16, the courtyard of the City/Town Hall of Paris  is transformed into ‘place de l’Europe’, event that mixes sports and cultural activities on countries engaged around the competition. Each nation also has a pavilion in which it can propose its own programming: concerts, debates, workshops… Every day from 10h to 22h until July 10, on the forecourt of the Hotel de Ville
Last Saturday the bridge of Grenelle (pont de grenelle 15éme) came to the reconstruction of history.  On Tuesday, June 18, 1940 and the days that followed the call of general de Gaulle to the resistance, 790 cadets of Saumur, grande école de cavalerie, had fought valiantly alongside the French battalions to repel the advance of German forces to the South of the Loire. The bridge of Grenelle was renamed bridge of Grenelle-Cadets-de-Saumur in homage to these heroes, the public could attend an intake weapon involving many students officers while one of the survivors of the time spoke of his memories, followed by a grand parade in period costumes organized by l’Association Kufra.
The electric scooters in free access Cityscoot rental service will be available from Tuesday June 21st  in Paris, after a year of test in real conditions. The first 150 white scooters will be “scattered” in the streets of the capital as early as Tuesday and immediately available for rent; Speeds max 45 km/h, these scooters to a range of 70 km must be rendered in a zone for the time being limited to one-third of the area of Paris, which will be expanded gradually. Cityscoot, available ‘free-float’ (‘free full service”) may be borrowed and returned anywhere. Finished the problems of Terminal attachment defective or stations too full to make his rental vehicle. At the end of the lease (recorded when the user resets the helmet supplied with saddle of hygiene under saddle), the refund is done very easily. “Suffice it to park the scooter in the street…. “Finally, on parking for two-wheelers“, “from 400 or 500 scooters, nearby in November, it will cover all of Paris. The  aims is to increase the number to 1000 before end of March 2017, then to more than 3,000 by year 2020, with extensions in the neighbouring communes.
The ports of Asnières, from next month, a new future will emerge for the Van Gogh ports and port Bas and port Sisley in Villeneuve-la-GarenneBecause waterways of France (VNF), owner of the lands, has renewed the concession on these three rows, to Marinov, a subsidiary of SuezA Rosa Bonheur moored at port Bas already,  below the bridge of AsnièresAt the level of the pont de Clichy, next to the cemetery of dogs, Van Gogh port is composed of a restaurant and business Point P including. In addition to an upgrading of technical facilities, a gateway will allow to climb over the transformer which splits the port in two, in order to be able to move on foot on the banks. Marina opening will allow the arrival of tourist vessels. The new Van Gogh port should be opened in 2019. The Sisley port at Villeneuve, the Marina will be reinforced. It must also develop a restaurant. To inaugurate it in summer 2018.
the 8th edition of ‘Saint-Maur in Pocket’, French literary event devoted to the book‘s in format pocket, near 30 000 curious came to buy books, and meet authors; this past June 18th. . Even the Queen of England, her lookalike came surveying this library open because this edition was under the sign of the British IslesCo-organised by the City/Town Hall and the Griffe Noir or Black Claw, this weekend event also distinguished the best writers of the moment. Thomas H. Cook took the price of the polar, Bernard Prou, french novel Award and the public was given to Agnès Abécassis for the soft kiss of Tyrannosaurus.
On the parvis of the Cathedral of Meaux,  this past Saturday afternoon, many passers-by who stop at the new fountain. Opened at 14h, the fountain consists of a statue depicting a standing woman, carrying a baby, stairs, where streams of water falls. On the back, a plaque indicates the name Source of life Marne flows fertile and peaceful, and specifies that “here stood a fountain from the 13C to the 16C. The Marne, in latin, means mother, the latter, which is actually from the 15C  was built when the city of Meaux was divided in two municipalities When Meaux has been reunified, shortly after 1510, the two parishes in the other part of the municipality, together with five others, were therefore not represented by the fountain. The division symbol, it then was destroyed. Meaux my first town in France, my wife is a native
The modernisation of the Paris transport network continuos  with an investment to improve the lines RER E and the line P in the next fifteen years. See photo.
The expressway management company , the Société des autoroutes Paris-Normandie (SAPN) launches from Monday ,June 20th the evening‘s work renovation at the toll booth of Buchelay  on the A13 expressway in the direction of Paris. Until June 24, workers will renovate the pavement at the level of the toll barrier. Neutralisation of routes are planned. Every night from 21h to 06h, the three routes to Paris will fall over in the other direction, only on the length of the toll. The day, only the fast lane will be offset by the emergency services. Accurate signage will be in place during these four days of work.!/?axe=A13&sens=All
Placido Domingo after Paris visit Bougival  last Sunday to discover the villa Viardot, the name of the famous singer of the 19C. He ,then visited the dacha of Turgenev and the House of Georges Bizet.
The first stone of the future hotel Express by Holiday Inn Roissy just came to be. The hotel will be located in the heart of the Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport, close to terminal 1. It will have 305 rooms,  will be the largest among the fourteen chain Holiday Inn in France and one of the largest in Europe. The opening of the facility is scheduled for 2018. From trade publication more info here:
Alexia Maceron, 20-year-old law student at La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime), native of Chantilly, won the title of Miss Diane 2016 this Sunday at the 167th edition of the Prix de Diane horse raceThe jury was chaired by former Miss France Sophie Thalmann , the wife of jockey Christophe Soumillon. According to the first estimates, some 35,000 people attended the event this year, a mythical race that has seen the filly  La Cressonniere, mounted by Cristian Demuro to victory.
Taking breakfast at one of the beauties of Versailles, the Trianon Palace Hotel at the salon Clemenceau, it would be difficult to imagine that the hotel was in many wars. It started as an auxilary hospital for the British troops in WWI, office hq of the Royal Air Force, and then the Luftwaffe during WWII, it saw the arrival of the Americans in 1944. Built in the Classic style, it ,also knew peace. Amongst the Crystal lights it saw the signage of the Treaty of Versailles. The class:
And how about that city by the mediterranean, Marseille ,crossroads of races and wonderful memories of my walks in the Vieux Port.  Envy of descending from the train station or gare St Charles into the boulevard taking you to the old port.  You take the boulevard d’Athénes and turn right into the Canebière. The smell of vegetables and the mamies, to the market or  marché des Capucins, and then just there the wonderful district of Noailles, this is Marseille at its best, a historic neighborhood. Dwell into the melting pot of the city into the rue Longue ,and rue d’Aubagne ; smell those dates, four spices, warm milk of M. Jacques, the leaves of fresh brick of the Carthage, pita bread of the  Cèdre du Liban, and the teas of Père Blaize.  Visit the pizzeria Chez Sauveur ,opened in 1943, the first one in the city. Here you try the  « moitié-moitié » or half and half. That is half emmental cheese, and half anchovies. Try the fish at Petit Nice-Passédat , superb; or a nice fish mackerel at  Villa Marie-Jeanne, or the great breads of Dame Farine.  Couple of anecdotes, the Aîoli is always eaten on Fridays for stay thin during Lent and especially the Wednesdays of Ash as well as Fridays. And, it was by the port of Marseille that coffee arrive in France in the 17C and the first coffee shop opened here to the public in 1671.
And one of most memorable moment ever was working in Paris by the jardin des tuileries area and participating in the Fête de la Musique. Well tomorrow is it again June 21st, in its 35th edition Under the thème of « La musique plus forte que … » The Music is stronger than … An event going on since 1982,  and very very popular, so go out and enjoy it
And at the Hotel national de l’Invalides until August 26th the La Nuit aux  Invalides festival. On the banks of the Seine at the shimmering frilly of the Belle Époque, the clatter of the war of 1914 to the cannonade welcoming the death of the King, they are 2000 years of history of  France and its capital that enchant the Cour d’honneur.
Until 26 June, Musée du Quai Branly, Paris. To mark its anniversary the museum will be open 30 hrs straight From Saturday to Sunday next.
And to the 30 October in Cannes, Salvador Dali ou l’ivresse des rêves or drunken dreams. At the Centre d’Art Malmaison. Over 170 works of art on display. more info;
Enjoy France ::)

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