Some news from Spain XX

And as the Euro16 is been played , here is some news from my Spain. I will be down Saturday to see the team in their hotel at Île de Ré, near La Rochelle,France!!!

The Canal of Castilla (Castile)  was one of the more ambitious dreams of Spain in the middle of the 18C Under King Fernando VI and the Marquis of the Ensenada, his most influential Minister, devised a project to connect the plateau with the Bay of Biscay through a pharaonic network of channels and locks that would extend more than 400 km. In the end, the lack of money and the stoppage of the works by the war of independence, coupled with the difficult  geography of the stretch of Reinosa and, above all, the arrival of the railroad ended up with this dream whose construction lasted almost 100 years ,from 1753 to 1849 and stopped at  207 kilometers, distributed primarily by the provinces of Valladolid and Palencia , with a brief passing by Burgos.

The Canal of Castilla lived his best years between 1850 and 1870, when they sailed nearly 400 boats carried by mules from the towpath roads on both banks of the canal, whose width varies between 11 and 22 meters, and its depth between 1.80 and 3 metersAlthough originally four channels – that joined Reinosa  with Segovia, were planned only came to build three: North, South, and Branch fields.

North Branch: ala del Rey or (wing of the King) to Calahorra de Ribas.  It is the stretch that has  the  greater number of locks, 24 in total, as it is also has  a greater slope: 100 meters.  It extends along 75 kilometers in which intersects the Pisuerga River, in the birth of the channel, and Carrion, in Calahorra de RibasBranch fields: Calahorra de Ribas-Medina de Rioseco: The starting point of this branch  78 km , becomes one of the most interesting and historical travel sections. Here the works of this magna company began July 16, 1753, and it also was the scene of the union, in August 1791, of  the North Branch and the Branch fields at the point known as El Serron ; about two kilometers from Grijota. The Branch fields  has just a drop and only has seven locks all the way.  Among them is the House of the King, an 18C building located in Villaumbrales which hosts the Museum of the Canal de Castilla. This place we can also opt for a walk in boat ‘Juan de Homar.  The South Branch: Serron-Valladolid : This section covers 54 kilometers and 18 locks. Does not present a great height and to be the shorter we can venture to explore it on foot in a couple of days , being one of the best ways to appreciate the rich natural and architectural heritage of the channel in all its glory. Before joining Valladolid, we can find the lock-gate 42, the only one that still retains its original wooden and iron gates, and a former hydroelectric station which houses the Center of management and Control of water resources.  The Channel dies in the dock of Valladolid.

And for some enchanting hôtels in castles such as the paradores but others as well my selection:

Castillo de Buen Amor (castle of the good love!)  (in Villanueva de Cañedo, Salamanca) one of the best-known hotels and charming castles of Spain. It stands on an 11C fortress, converted into a stately home in the 15C. It is a singular and unique, building of Renaissance style, built in sandstone. It has five floors, numerous corners  and mezzanines. It has a large Tower of honor, three towers and a moat, which houses the gardens, swimming pool and a small lake.
Palacio Real de Olite (Royal palace of Olite) ( in Olite, Navarre)
He was considered one of the most luxurious medieval castles in Europe when it was built during the reign of Carlos III the Noble. It is composed of two palaces. One of them, dating back to the 12C, has been converted into a parador de Turismo. The other, the Royal Palace, is the most visited monument of Navarra. the most important example of civil Gothic in Navarra  and one of the most notable in Europe. Its walls, towers, arches, stained glass and a myriad of elements of the architecture of the middle ages will make you feel in another era. Public areas and part of the rooms of the hotel are fully integrated in the Palace.
Castle of Santa Catalina (Jaén)
Another of the castles that have now become paradores de Turismo. Located at the Summit of the Hill of Santa Catalina, it offers unrivalled panoramic views of the entire city. Imposing, stands out from afar  Jaen, a historic city, full of culture and vitality. Built on the remains of the old Arab fortress, it belongs to the Andalucian Renaissance and its monumental interior still retains the imprint of its origin as a crossroads of kingdoms, during the 13C. Your  main salon , with impressive arches crossed 20 meters in height, the dining room and great room, make it a worthy of Kings accommodation.
Castle of Sigüenza (Sigüenza, Guadalajara)
It belongs to the network of paradores de Turismo. It is an impressive medieval castle from the 12C, installed in a fortress of Arabic and built on a Roman settlement. It was the residence of bishops, Cardinals and Kings. Everything inside maintains the medieval atmosphere, with its traditional Castilian furniture. In its spacious rooms, four poster beds will make you to feel housed in an authentic Palace Chamber. This Royal fortress, thick walls, has a paved courtyard, a stately dining room, large function rooms for meetings and celebrations and a beautiful Romanesque chapel from the 13C. In addition, its location allows us to enjoy its incredible natural surroundings, such as the nearby Natural Park of the Dulce river and the Gorges of the Salt River.
Arteaga Castle (Gautegiz Arteaga, Biscay)
Napoleon III and his wife, the Empress Eugenia de Montijo, built the current castle on the ancient tower of Defense of Arteaga. Architecture and all its dependencies, conserving the ornamental and decorative elements of the time, will transport you to the France of mid19C, with all the luxuries available today. This neo-Gothic Tower made up of limestone and marble of Ereño is located in the reserve of Urdaibai, overlooking the estuary of Gernika. The Castle has six suites and seven rooms, a restaurant and a large wine cellar.
CAL Raich (Montfalcó Murallat, Lleida)
This rural house built into the south wall of the medieval fortress of Montfalcó Murallat. Dating from the 11C, it is made of stone and has been restored respecting its original architectural elements. CAL Raich has spacious rooms and has capacity for six people an unforgettable experience in a medieval fortress in contact with the rural environment.
Hotel Castillo Bonavía (Pedrola, Zaragoza)
An elegant three star hotel with 52 double rooms and eight suites, housed in a modern building built as a castle, and which resembles medieval times, blending tradition and modernity. The restaurant of the hotel, with large windows and the walls covered in tapestries and weapons, offers typical Mediterranean dishes cooked with a touch of author and avant-garde cuisine.
Posada torrepalacio de los Alvarado (Ribero de Montija, Burgos)
This former Palace of the 16C  tower has been restored to House a charming hotel. It has 11 cosy rooms, fully equipped, and a large area garden, ideal for walks and enjoy moments of relaxation.
The Feria del Libro or the Madrid book fair saw this past Sunday goodbye to its 76th Edition with expected sales of around 8,2M €, which will mean an increase of 3.5% over the previous edition; The 76th edition of the fair, which opened on May 27, has had 367 stands and 479 exhibitors (26 official bodies, 10 distributors, 63 specialist booksellers, 56 General booksellers, 177 publishers in Madrid and 147 publishers outside of Madrid). Its last edition closed with 7,9M € in sales, which meant an increase of 6.1 percent over the 2014 Edition. And I was there when it was going to start ,just lovely Retiro park! AND France was this year invited country!
Marqués of Teran wines are in the “District of the wineries» Ollauri, municipality of the autonomous community of La Rioja. Views of the Ebro Valley and the Sierra de Cantabria, and the building only reaches to see 20%, very modern and comfortable, the rest is buried on a hill in the upper part of the village, an ingenious idea that confers natural air conditioning to the winery. A plus for the ailing ozone layer.
The Fernan Gomez theater  and the Teatros del Canal are the main stages of great programming coming up.  In the first, Flamenco Madrid celebrates its second edition, directed by Ángel Rojas and already reaching its Equator  after the performance Juncal Demaria and his work Ana Frank (day 17) closure, is the turn of Antonio Canales, who will be on Saturday 18 June  with Bailaor, where it picks up its main root accompanied by the flamenco dancer Mónica Fernández and other singers and musicians, Juañares, Gabriel de la Tomasa and Paco Cruz.  Also special is the appointment of the 19 Sunday, as well as recommended for the whole family, Movimientos: the dance of the tip to heel… Suma Flamenca, the most veteran, now with eleven years behind them, and which premieres with main feature of  Aída Gómez.  In both, the unique functions of music, dance, lectures and exhibitions around most flamenco. Friday 17, act in the teatros del Canal with Carmen Linares & El Pele, in a hand crafted traditional Canto, while at Cafe Berlin, including this year at the festival, will play Juan Carmona. Saturday 18 occupies the cartel another of the great artists of the time, Estrella Morente, which is accompanied by guitarist Rafael Riqueni, and Sunday 19 becomes the turn of Farruquito and his Improvisao. It is his return to the roots, dancing only, accompanied by seven singers and musicians. On Monday 20, will offer a master class.
And yes always there , but lately the modern cuisine they are stepping up. Latin American restaurants. Past but good.

Latino restaurants have meant a revolution in Spain in the last decade, offering unexplored products and offer multiple perspectives of the kitchen from a point of view culturally inclusive. The Horeca day; The success of Latin American food in Spain, organized by EXPANSION, metropolis and Goya products, tried from different perspectives to this phenomenon, which has also strengthened the links between the two Spanish-speaking communities, on one side of the Atlantic. Impact Hub Madrid, C/Governor 26
And the Euro16, to see it in Madrid ,my favorite hunts of past and present.
La Esquina  del Bernabeu Avenue Concha Espina, 1. (Tel.: 914430675). On the terrace of this bar, located in the bleachers of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, free admission with registration in their site in Facebook.
Sports Bar Casino Gran Madrid. Motorway A6, exit 29. Torrelodones. (Tel.: 91 856 11 11). experience more similar to see matches in the stadium, but with an advantage: a wide range of tapas, burgers, salads… and dinner packages created especially to satiate the hunger during the euro. Animation and gaming complete the programming of this unique place.
 Panenka, Orense 6. | Tel.: 91 546 54 48. This modern establishment has become benchmark for lovers of football and popular destination for many familiar faces. After the broadcast of matches of Spain, there will be gatherings with footballers and journalists specialized in which you can participate any Assistant. In addition, a bartender and a DJ will be responsible for providing the best post-game atmosphere and, if hunger strikes, have a varied menu of appetizers, meats, sandwiches,etc.
Penalty Lounge Bar. Doctor Fleming, 3 (and two more branches) (Tel: 618268072). Match days offer a menu meeting which includes open bar of beer, sangria or soft drink, and varied dishes. In addition, outside of this offer, have glasses import (4 euros), beer (2 euros a pint) and 1 liter (from 6) minis.

The National team of Spain is staying at the Atalante Relais Thalasso of île de Ré near La Rochelle, France (I will be there Saturday!!!) in Sainte Marie de Ré ;

and the practices held at the Marcel Gaillard Stadium in Saint Martin de Ré. .From June 10th to July 10th 2016. As part of the Euro16 European Football/Soccer  Championship.

The tourist office is here

And to brush up on your Spanish the local newspaper Loquo will lead you to many exchanges and more in Madrid community region.

Have a great week, already half way to another weekend !! cheers



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