Some news from France CXXVIII

Well here I am again trying to keep up with my Roman numerals but it is 128 on some news from France. Some unique places of hidden Paris for the real lover of the city of lights, the movable feast , PARIS.

Astronomy was taught at the Sorbonne.   The remains of these courses that   an Observatory  or Observatoire de Paris whose domes overlooked Paris, and it is now possible to visit, after nightfall, obviously. A phone call to the Astronomical Society of France and this is the venue to see close stars at night time , all charming with company . Rue Cujas,

Behind the trees of the Place Saint-Sulpice, the Hotel Récamier is a perfect stopover in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, with 24 rooms with refined decoration  and  place to keep in mind preciously. 3 bis place Saint Sulpice, Paris 6

the Petrelle is unavoidable,  but still-confidential dining and an art experience an  addresse that include arts and fashion greats. Foodies find themselves to the tunes of chic flea  chic flea market serving between two chandeliers   to pendants and an old table, a ultra gourmande watered plate, good wines to swoon the finest palates. 34 rue Petrelle,Paris 9 ;

Very particular, ultra-confidential bar attached to the Hotel Particulier Montmartre is an address of insiders that we jealously guard. Between the bucolic setting, the cosy atmosphere and decoration to the tunes of exotic  boudoir, Le trés particular  is a tropical paradise out of time where you can taste taking time Francesco Giordanetto creations, at the controls of the bar. 23 avenue Junot, Paris 18;

Two steps from the rue de Turbigo, passage du Grand Cerf was born in 1825. High ceilings of  12 meters, lift the head in many of the passersby who then discover its steel structure above a glass dome allowing light to pass through. With its small shops of artisans and gourmet addresses, passage du Grand Cerf is certainly a place where strolling to the past is glorious in Paris. Passage du Grand Cerf, Paris 2;

The Museum of Romantic  life or musée de la vie   Romantique    today is the top venue for lovers of all percussions  come enjoy the surrounding gardens. Alleys bordered of centenary trees , roses, and fuchsias  are the delight of lovers of Botany as walkers come for the day to enjoy a haven of peace in  Paris. 16 Rue Chaptal, Paris 9;

The place de Fürstenberg has kept the charm of the former Saint-Germain-des-Prés as today still fantasize  the foreign visit the city of light. Surrounded by four pauwlonias (also called ‘Imperial trees’), blooming in the spring, in the best of ways, the place Furstenberg has all of the perfect place for  a lovely afternoon walk ; Rue de Fürstenberg , Paris 6; Also , here is the nice Musée Eugéne Delacroix, (painter);

Built in 1826 on the initiative of two inventors Mr Véro and Mr Dodat  , the gallery of the same name connects the Streets Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau to rue Bouloi in the 1éme arrondissement. Style neo-classical with copper and decorated with mirrors, paintings, and other columns, the  Galerie  Vero-Dodat has  also a floor paved with black and white marble on which it would not hesitate to walk on, it is crazy  elegance. 2 rue de Bouloi, Paris 1ér;

Attached to the Hotel d’Aubusson, the Café Laurent was in the aftermath of WWII, the high place of meetings of great intellectuals and musicians from all sides, Boris Vian to Juliette Gréco passing by Raymond Queneau and Jean-Paul Sartre. What better way to relive the time with a few drinks, the great moments of the yesteryear in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. 33 rue Dauphine, Paris 6;

La Compagnie des vins SuperNatural  serves  good, or even  very good wines.  Forgotten cocktails trends, it is wine that this confidential bar that we like to honor  with a carte (with more 3 000 references) that will delight the taste buds of the more Wise. Large armchairs and plush ,soft ambiance and hushed atmosphere complete to make this place of  reference to keep for me….. 7 rue Lobineau, Paris 6;

Actor and playwright , Lucien Guitry (Sasha)  resides until 1910 on the top floor of the hotel Nocé, (today the embassy of the Philippines) bringing the time of evenings of high-flying best of the Parisian intelligentsia of Anatole France and Edmond Rostand. Son of Frédéric Boucheron, Louis  Boucheron would like to forever record these intellectual meetings not to be forgotten in history of the Hotel Noce , and by extention that of  he Boucheron boutique. It then uses Sacha Guitry in drafting a text of memories tracing in verbs nuances the theatrical spirit of the place. An exceptional testimony of the time kept today in the archives of the jewellery House at 26 Place Vendôme. No webpage of course.

hotel Pigalle Paris is the new address of the 9th arrondissement, which already hosts some beautiful  evenings  in its midst. Thought of as an ‘authentic neighborhood hotel’, the Pigalle is committed to as a  mission to  thrill by all means  Paris . Neighbors (artists, merchants or restaurateurs) are conquered, residents of a time too. 9 rue Frochot, Paris 9 ;

Address cult of tout-Paris of the 1980s, Les Bains received  in 2015 a welcome makeover cure, returning  to the past one of the hot spots most prominent in Paris. Hotel hybrid mixing today hotel, restaurant, bar, club and shop, the place brings together again all with great personality.A great place to have a glass or a night in its 39 rooms 7 rue du Bourg l’Abbé, Paris 3;

the facade decorated with red lanterns of this street in the 9th arrondissement an ultra-luxury hotel dedicated to pure Epicureanism. Former brothel of the Belle Epoque, Maison Souquet  today is an ultra-chic address continuing with malice to play with the sensual and sulphurous codes that were his guests  centuries ago. What a timeless moment-through one of the 20 rooms of the Hotel. 10, rue de Bruxelles, Paris 9;

The escalators stairs  of the Porte Lescot connecting the rue  Lescot (Ier) at level – 1 of the Forum will open with two escalators ;however the escalator lifts to descend directly to level -4 and access tot he RER station is operating since April 5 ,but brakes down often already ,so be careful if going by there.

The Council of Paris (governing body of the city) has issue a minute of silence for the criminal acts in Orlando Florida USA announcing that the Eiffel tower would will  be illuminated in the evening in the Rainbox colors of the gay community.  The city Hall will also display the multicolor LGBT flat as well as the American flag , according to the Mayor’s office of Paris

Metro Line 13 is saturated reaching  126% overload according from figures by the RATP and it increases by 1% per year. We will not continue to be sardines to go to work! the Parisien are complaining . The RATP says the influx of the 13 will fall by about 25% during the commissioning of a future segment of line 14. Work on since 2009, the extension of the metro line, which will cut the 13 at two points – Porte-de-Clichy (Paris 17) and Mairie de Saint Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis dept 93 ) –will be effective by 2019. Too late as usual ::)

In Provins, the city was decked on the occasion of the medieval festival in its  33rd edition included the unique opportunity to see a yak and a camel walk down the streets of the city. Rare animals in the millennial city, referring to the caravan of Samarkand. Visitors also found themselves nose-to-nose with a longship and the vikings, and were able to get into the skin of a sailor from the middle ages to climb using ropes , three masts erected on the place le Chatel, the center of the festival.

This past Sunday  June 12 was a milestone date to mark the opening of the Val-Europe shopping center on Sundays . The eighth busiest Mall of France with more than 16 million annual visitors can now open seven days a week, 365 days a year. As does the  neighbor of  Vallée Village Mall since 2012. This is all by Disneyland.

And there something for everyone in Paris; indeed like no other in the world. Two Young family members past by Paris this week for the first time in their life. My pep talk , you will be back, once biten by the Paris virus you will come back, you will indeed. Cheers.



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