Some news from France ,XCXXXV

Well enough of water and strikes, the first one is on its way down even if some places will take as much as a week for the water to go away, and the strikes are our past time, so no worry be happy. For other news;

Bordeaux is having its 10th Fête du Vin (Wine Festival) from June 23 to 26, 2016 with passes to the vinyards and tastings all over, a great event I participated in 2012 and was wonderful. Enjoy it:

Also, the Cité du Vin is open ,for all the world of wine , the winelovers in us will be in heaven, I will be there later on in the year.

and the official site of the Cité du Vin is here:

And one organisation to promote and teach about French wines and spirits is SOPEXA, the one I study to get my diploma on the wines of France many many years ago, expert won’t say but knowledable on them ,yes.

And do you know the routes of Picasso in France? well it was in many places, here they are and you can trace it on your next visit. We start in Marseille where the Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe & de la Mediterranée is doing an exhibition on Picasso until August 29th.

In Aix-en-Provence, where he coined, ” i am a Grandson of Cézanne” , and spent many moments in the resto brasserie Les Deux Garçons , as well as seeing the great Festival Of Aix on Lyrics Arts : . The baroque is here on the collection of Jean Planque shown in the museum Granet, telling as well the story of Cubism with some creations from Picasso in exhibit.

At Arles, Picasso arrived in 1920. The most hispanic of the French cities!  Here created the figure of la Arlesiana (the arlesien),main figure in its paintings that can be admired at the Museum Réattu at the banks of the river Rhône. He photographs several Roman monuments and stayed at the Hotel Nord Pinus, Place de la République, where the famous Café Le Soir of , also, of Van Gogh hangouts.

He continue to the Baux-de-Provence, Where he participated in the film The Testament of Orpheus(1960) ,with his friend Jean Cocteau. In the film ,also, appeared Marlène Dietrich, Brigitte Bardot ,and Françoise Sagan. It was filmed at the foot of the Les Baux,in the Val d’Enfer (valley of hell). Today, this site holds the Carriéres des Lumiéres ;  ,where a great multimedia show is shown renew each season. The next in January 2017 is for  Chagall, ” Dreams of a night in summer”.

And you go to Avignon with him; In the Palais des Papes ,he had two expos in 1970 and 1973 , six weeks after his death. The works are now preserve in the Museum Angladon in the collection of Jean Doucet.

In Sorguez, he went to stay away from the world, more seclusion. Here he painted several portraits on women and gave light to the Cubism movement like  Guitar , Bottle of Pernod and Cup.

We move on to Vallauris, he came since 1948. After the WWII, the discovered Ceramics here in the shop of the couple Ramié and took off on a production of more than 1000 pièces in the year.  Today ,the city that name hime Citizen of HOnor, has many in the Museum Picasso as well as in many Streets loaded with ceramics stores and more than 70 galleries.

From  the Château de Vauvenargues you can see the wonderful mountain of Sainte-Victoire. Picasso fell in love with these views and came to lived in the castle buying it in 1958, surrounded by round towers and surrounded by fortifications. It was his last stop.  Today ,his tomb is here together with his wife  Jacqueline, in the garden Under one of the copies of his work ,the La dama oferente (Woman with Vase).

So just a short one today but of some great men and a two great events. Enjoy it , and my family (cousins)  is visiting Paris this week and next week, lol!! they are all over those kids. Cheers




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