The Floodings in the Paris region, île de France 2016,Part III

The continuing but downside saga of the floodings in the Ile de France and now extending it even to Normandy. The water is something we cannot handle well ,,,yet. And now for many is the time to regroup , clean, and wait for the insurance.

On the RATP the lines are coming back except the line 4, and many are still with danger of slipping. The RER C still in limbo with littel circulation, the stations of Porchefontaine and Versailles-Château-Rive-Gauche will not service and will be so until Monday.  The RER B, at Saint-Michel-Notre-Dame is closed and for the weekend will have about 1 in 4 trains working towards  Mitry-Claye (Seine-et-Marne) ,and the airport Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle (Val-d’Oise) for reason also of the strike.The transilien, has some lines coming back except line R ,and many folks stranded in Marseille with delays up to two hours for the continuation to Nice.  Still over 11300 homes are without electricity. Still many buildings are without hot water especially in the areas of Val-de-Marne 94 (Ivry et Vitry-sur-Seine, Charenton Le Pont) and Seine-Saint-Denis 93 (L’Ile-Saint-Denis), in the 13 of Paris  and in  Hauts-de-Seine 92  (Boulogne-Billancourt and Gennevilliers).

In Nemours , Seine-et-Marne 77 the people are beginning the cleaning with great sadness of most gone.  On the autoroute A10, the BTP Vinci  has done a trail canal between the lanes for 800 meters long with bags of 2 tons of sands with about  3 000 bags. The tow trucks are beginning to take away the cars this afternoon, with about 80% of the keys and the rest taken the cars without keys. There were about 200 cars and 100 trucks stuck in the highway due to water levels; no date of reopening given yet. Huge operation of pumping water by several huge pumps in the A4 autoroute (normal road to Disneyland Paris).

In Poissy, Yvelines dept 78 ,the residential island or île de Migneaux  is Under 1,50 meters of water and the folks are navigating with canoes since Saturday morning and still today. In the Essonne dept 91 there are 69 towns claiming for desaster aid and has 11 000 of telephone lines not in operation.

New area in the Moselle in Lorraine, storms has cause flooding and damage to many towns there too.  The Keraunos org is keeping track of storms and lightning in France here in French:

Big quantities of water and the after storms with pictures on the same site Keraunos here:

There is a huge operation of cleaning and pumping out water in Paris since last night.  The red alert for Normandy has come down to orange today.  Especially in the departments of  Seine-Maritime 76, and the Eure,28.  The cruisers from Rouen on the Seine all are in port at Rouen, awaiting the water subside. The worse hit area on water level and flooding are Elbeuf, Saint-Pierre-les-Elbeuf ,and Caudebec-les-Elbeuf.

There is a  total of  17 départements in orange alert in the regions of Normandy, Ile de France, Lorraine, and the Center-Val de Loire.  The service of alerts Vigicrues has said they await a bit of a high in the river Cher in Tours where the water is dump into the Loire river. Méteo France has indicated more rains for today.
In Paris, the Seine river is coming down even if slow from a high of 6,18 meters to now  5,77 meters in the last 8 hours Sunday.  So far in all, there has been reported 4 deaths and 24 wounded due to flooding conditions. The muséums of Louvre and Orsay will remain closed until Tuesday.  The libraries or Bibliothèque nationale de France – François-Mitterrand and at Arsenal will reopen Monday. The Grand Palais open this afternoon Sunday.  The museum of the Conciergerie is closed until further notice.
The connection duplex of the autoroute A86 tunnel west of Paris is closed on both directions from this morning between Vaucresson and Rueil-Malmaison.
And of course, the worse is that once you leave your house due to the flooding, the thieves comes in ….As it is the case already in  Boussy-Saint-Antoine in the dept 91 Essonne. So the worse is over, it will take a few days to get to normal and more for the local résidents who have lost many, insurance always never replace all and acts  very slow. However, some minimum service is working in public transports and the airports are ok. So come on over, this is France anyway. Cheers

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