Guidel Plage or beach a hidden gem near Lorient in dept 56 Morbihan

I am Lucky to have so much wonderful places to see near home on a car trip away. Bretagne is indeed beautiful and you should find out as I did five years ago. I have written once on a general post on Guidel and Guidel Plage, here:

The city tourist office for this area is here in French :

and the area of Lorient tourist office is here in English :

We drove from Vannes after doing our errands for the day on the , N165 is just about 67 kms or about 42 miles, you get off on the D306 at Guévén and follow direction Guidel on the same road D306 until passing by city center and then follow panels Guidel Plage and finally Le Port, Plages. Easy parking by the harbor or port area with plenty of restos.

We past once again by city center on the wonderful Church Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul ; in the area the diocese of Vannes have several and this one is shown in the official site in French with inside pictures: On the tourist site above you can see a picture of the outside too:

The area has an exhaustive listing of chapels and megaliths stones mostly tumulus all over!  If you do not have a car, coming from Paris Montparnasse by train to Lorient and there take bus no 60 to Guidel and Guidel Plage. See the Lorient network CTRL here for line 60 :

The Port or harbor area has excellent gallery of painters and plenty of restos and bars with the bay behind them; there is a walking trail of the Laîta river just alongside the bay by the resto Laîta Café Brasserie.  There is a beach ( Plage du Bas Pouldu)  right in front on the other side of the wall separating it from the Guidel Marina or boat pleasure marina which is very nice indeed :

The beach by the port is Plage du Bas Pouldu, and it has a nice sandy space starting from the wall of the port pleasure marina to the left for several hundred meters. Then, if you follow the road along the ocean , you come to the plage de la Falaise , simply rival any anywhere, several hundred meters ,bigger and wider on a strip of land with a wonderful dune ,the Dune du Pouldu. Plenty of water sports and children playground here and if you are interested here is the wave and sea level for surfing info on it:

Goes to tell you ,this is a truly family beach, with all amenities even a shopping center right on it . There is surfing and beach shops as well as ice cream parlor and restos. We decided to have lunch here. La Moule qui Saoûle, friendly service even late and we had our Grimbergen blonde beers with bretonne pizzas and moules à curry or mussels in curry sauce as well as a huge calzone , and expresso coffee to finish all for 16.60€ per person.::)

We then took a walk on the beach or plage de la Falaise , wonderful feeling that in summer this can be heaven anywhere. I have been to many beaches in the world and born 6 kms from one, but this one can compare to any.  There are several nice beaches along the ocean here, see this site for all:

We came back the same way , welcome to a huge football/soccer event by the city stadium with traffic like nothing seen before, luckily we did not have to go long before reaching our home. Relax and catching up time. Enjoy it, have a great weekend. Cheers

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