The Floodings in the Paris region, île de France 2016

Paris ParisI am sure many have read this phenomenon of flooding; this is something that happened once in a while here but this time they are talking of the worse in 25 years in the region of Île de France, (Paris, Versailles, CDG, Disneyland etc area).

I have a couple pictures of the Zouave in the Seine river, one mine and the other from Le Parisien newspaper of this month’s flooding here. The reporting is mostly from Le Parisien.

The government of the dept 77 Seine-et-Marne had to do over 2000 interventions helping people in need and about  323 yesterday alone. The city center or downtown of Nemours is totally flooded as well as the town of Souppes-sur-Loing needing to leave their homes. Those of Moret-sur-Loing are getting ready by today to face the flooding after the river Loing had its worse flooding since 1910!!! The train RER D line R between Paris , Melun, and Monterau are getting late trains and suspension of service.

By Melun ,the Seine river is rising already at 4,35 meters (about 14 feet);the road N104 is cut off of traffic. The situation in Paris is no better, with the river banks walkways closed on both rive gauche and rive droite, with the Seine continuing to rise as the waves from the Loing river have not reach yet so until Saturday there is orange in Paris. The high could be reach of about 5,60 meters (about 18.4 feet). The wharfs or quais such as Henri IV, and those near Bercy  and Austerlitz are also flooded.  If the water continues to rise the circulation on the train RER C could be closed in Paris city limits. The Cité de la mode  is already in the Seine river!!!

The autoroute or highway  A10, was closed after the toll at St-Arnoult-en-Yvelines  direction d’Orléans, 650 cars are left on the road between the end of the dept  78  Yvelines, and on to the dept 45  Loiret.  About  200  persons were taken out in military trucks to Orléans.  The road are still block due to the mud from the flooding on the D 983, D 113, D 906, D 9 ,and  D 191.  The car travelers are ask to take alternatives road such as the A28  ,and A11. At Rambouillet, the district of le Groussay  is flooded. Trappes had at least  193 mm of water nothing seen before the last 20 years!!, and at Beynes the rise of the river Mauldre,has taken a portion of the city center even if normalcy seems to come back. This area one that I used to travel by it a lot. The train stations of Plaisir and Saint-Cyr-l’Ecole are on limited service. Croissy-sur-Seine in the Yvelines is also flooded.

In the Essonne dept 91 it fell 198 mm  of water in May , or 3 times the normal. At Montgeron, an equestrian center on the banks of the Yerres river had orders to evacuate with a dozen horses to the town of  Varennes-Jarcy.  The town of Longjumeau  is on 66 mm of water, and the University Paris Sud, base at Orsay, has been closed for the floodings does not allow to reach it! At Etréchy,the roads  D 146  Under the passway of the road  N 20 is block. At Auvers-Saint-Georges, on the route de Chagrenon it is flooded. At Janville-sur-Juine, route de Guillevoisin,and the bridge or pont de Goujon are also flooded. Between  Saulx  and Villebon, the road D 118 is flooded. At  Villebon, the roads are cut off; At Saint-Cyr-sous-Dourdan, the  rue de Levinpont is closed. At Val-Saint-Germain, the street rue de Bouville and rue de Granville are closed. At Champlan, the  rue de Saulx is block and the street  route de Versailles also to stop the access to Longjumeau that is flooded. At La Ferté-Alais,many Streets are closed after been evacuated.

at dept 92 Hauts de Seine, between  Clamart and Meudon due to flooding the circulation on the line N of the Transilien, the trains Intercités ,and TER between  Versailles and Montparnasse are interrupted and won’t come back to circulation until Monday.

In dept 94 Val de Marne ; the train RER D, the train stations of Maisons-Alfort, Alfortville, Le vert de Maison, Créteil Pompadour ,and Villeneuve Triage are not in service on the direction Paris-Corbeil  for the flooding at the station Villeneuve-Saint-Georges. The axis Corbeil-Malesherbes is also, interrupted.  The middle school or collège de Saint-Exupéry at Vincennes  has been closed.  It is at Sucy-en-Brie, Villeneuve-Saint-Georges ,and La Queue-en-Brie that the worse of the damage has been the most.  New rains are expected today. Elsewhere, at  Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, the mayor has asked the Citizens to evacuate from the district  Belleplace-Blandin.  The main are those between the road N6 and the Yerres river, tributary of the Seine,that begins to overflow. At  Janville-sur-Juine, the street route de Guillevoisin ,and the bridge or pont de Goujon are also flooded. Between  Saulx and Villebon, the road D118 is flooded.

The Louvre museum will be closed Friday for evacuation of the water from lower levels. Waters level reaching the museum of Orsay as well, and cancelled the late night Thursday visits to protect it from the water. The Seine river reaching already the 5 meters and expected to reach 5,30 to 5,90 meters Friday, far behind the 8,42 meters of the flood of 1910.  However, in the Loiret 45 dept the flood has already reach the levels of the 1910 flood! The road along the Seine river, voie Georges-Pompidou has been closed.  The libraries or Bibliothèque nationale de France, François-Mitterrand and l’Arsenal,will be closed on Friday.

The dept 77 Seine-et-Marne are in Red alert, and eleven other departément are in Orange alert such as Val-d’Oise, Yvelines, Essonne, and far in the Centre region the dept of Indre-et-Loire, Cher, Loir-et-Cher, and Indre.

So far there are Two reported deaths due to the flooding and about 19000 homes without electricity.

In other ,there are strikes in the trains SNCF  service on consecutive days as well as metro/bus on the RATP. Just until the beginning of the Euro16 football/soccer European championship held here in la Belle France ::)

The business journal Les Echos has pictures and nice maps on the areas most touch by the flooding; and reasons as to why there is a flood.

Also, the Le Monde newspaper;

Le Parisien newspaper;

So stay dry if in the area and do not go out to these areas now. Cheers from dry and semi sunny Bretagne ::)




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  1. So sad! We are going home tomorrow after the worst week in France ever. It rained everywhere and I even managed to get a cold! Climate change indeed! 😢

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