The muséums triangle of Madrid…

Well ,not my cup of tea once seeing them once, but very popular for visitors to the city ,are the triangle of the top 3 muséums of Madrid. Namely the Prado, Reina Sofia,and Thyssen-Bornemisza.

There is so much to see in Madrid and many more nice muséums seen over the years but these 3 gets the most visitors. Their official webpages are here:

My initial visit as a yound teenager was the Prado(Paseo del Prado) and has remain the favorite of the big ones. The vast collections of top historical and social value are uneaqual in the world and so deserving one of the top muséums in the world. A must to see at least once totally.

It houses the greatest collection of paintings from the 14C to early the 19C of famous painters from the school of Flanders, Spanish, French, Italian,and German ;with a small collection of English paintings, collected by the royal branches of the Habsbourg and Bourbons. The museum started as a natural science building design from 1785.

The Reina Sofia(  is named in honor of Queen Sofia, wife of former King Juan Carlos I. It is house in the old Hospital San Carlos done in the end of the 18C.  It is a modern art and contemporary collections dating from the period of 1900 to our days.  The museum opens in 1990 and with a permanent collection in 1992.

We reach the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum, (Paseo del Prado); the museum is house in the Palace de Villahermosa ,in the angle of Paseo del Prado and Carrera de San Jeronimo and dedicated to  ancient art, modern, and contemporay in one.  It was done in 1993 after the reunification of works ,most given by the family of Thyssen-Bornemisza and other from collections already held in Spain.

The site of Spanish Culture has more on them such as

There is a smaller museum that is getting attention lately from local friends and that is the Caixa Forum(Paseo del Prado). It was design from an old industrial electrical plant into several levels/floors.  And an unique green wall on its side. it houses mostly contemporary  works but also, exhibits retrospectives of artists from earlier time periods.

official link:

and more on Spanish culture here:

A rich choice of culture , arts, and history to show the world the many facets of a wonderful modern city with traditions of old intact; Madrid. See it.


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