Iglesias,jardines y plazas de Madrid or Churches, Gardens and Squares of Madrid!

Busy on the blog as getting ready for end of month at work and closing branches, but just back from Madrid.…My Madrid took time to be there on weekend and wandered around the city on foot all over. Some of my favorites are again here;

The Catedral de Almudena is wonderful and an even better museum sacristy on calle Bailén, next to the Royal Palace or Palacio Real and extending it to the gardens or jardines de Sabatini is a must. Coming to it by Calle Mayor from the Plaza Mayor is fantastic walking trip.

The Catedral Santa María La Real de La Almudena took yeaars to built and finally done recently in 1993…!  It is a Cathedral of 102 meters long and 73 meters wide built on different styles from neo classic in the exterior to neo gothic in the interior and neo roman in the crypt. The Cathedral was consecrated by Pope John Paul II and it is the first Spanish Cathedral consecrated by a Pope! The official site is in Spanish here: http://www.catedraldelaalmudena.es/

The tourist office has it in English: http://www.esmadrid.com/en/tourist-information/catedral-de-la-almudena

In the Plaza Jesus not far from the Westin Palace hotel and the Fountain of Neptuno there is another Church that stroke my fancy in my walks in the city.  The Basílica de Nuestro Padre Jesús De Medinaceli is small basilica in a nice district and it was built on the site of the convent of trinitian without shoes or Convento de trinitarios descalzos de Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación! The new basilica was done in 1930 but did not get the nomination as such until 1973.  It is done in a Latin style and on the Inside the devotées worship the image of Our Father Jesus of Medinaceli. Its official site in Spanish is here: http://www.archimadrid.es/jesusmedinaceli/index.html

The tourist office has it in English: http://www.esmadrid.com/en/tourist-information/iglesia-de-jesus-de-medinaceli

We move on to the Royal Palace or Palacio Real, this is an imposing castle where all dignataries are welcome but the King does not live, rather stays in a more humble castle of the Zarzuela,  leaving the official Royal Palace for visitors and heads of State visits.  The Royal Palace was built in 1734 after the older fortress was razed by fire.  The palace is second only to the Louvre in Paris and this one has 2800 rooms with only about 50 open to the public! It has 3 floors and 3 in between floors on the ceiling of each of the floors.  The façades measure 130 meters long by 33 meters high; with 870 Windows and 240 balcons that open on the street or the patio. The total land area is of 135000 sq meters, with 44 stairs and more than 30 salones or big main rooms. The official site in Spanish is here; http://www.patrimonionacional.es/real-sitio/palacios/6039?language=en

The tourist office has it in English here: http://www.esmadrid.com/en/tourist-information/royal-palace

Right after the Royal Palace you see the Gardens or Jardines de Sabatini, a great wonderful garden. You have a stair like main entrance and another one through a grill gate at the end.  This was done in the 1930’s and has 2,54 ha or about 6 acres. The exact location is between calle de Bailén and Cuesta de San Vicente,on a terrace hanging over the field of the moor or Campo del Moro.  The gardens are in 3 terraces with the most wonderful me think is the second going along the north edge of the Royal Palace.

The tourist office has it in English here: http://www.esmadrid.com/en/tourist-information/jardines-de-sabatini

I came to the small wonderful quaint Catédral Castrense  off the Calle Mayor. The official name is the Iglesia Catédral de las Fuerzas Armadas (Church Cathedral of the Armed Forces), also,known as Catédral Castrense or Iglesia del Sacramento (Church of the Sacrement).  Here was the old monastery  of the Bernadines monks founded in 1615.  Only the Church is left of the original , the monastery was demolished in 1972. The Ministry of Defense used it since 1980 ;official site in Spanish here:  http://www.arzobispadocastrense.com/newarzo/index.php

You can see interior pictures of this armed forces Church here in Spanish text; http://www.arzobispadocastrense.com/newarzo/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=16&Itemid=151

There is a small Church in Calle Atocha, 6  name the Iglesia de Santa Cruz, sitting on the site of  the old convent of Santo Tomàs de Aquino of the Dominican order founded in 1583.  The current Church after several fires was built in 1889  and rénovations took part until 1902; done in neo gothic style with stones from nearby Colmenar. The tower facing the street has 80 meters high and on top there is square continuing the tradition of the old tower built in 1660 and known as the “Atalaya de la Corte” OR watchtower of the Court .  Parrish page in Spanish here: http://www.parroquiadesantacruz.com/Santa_Cruz_web/Bienvenida.html

And all this tour, centered around the Plaza Mayor, the center of it all rivaling the Puerta del Sol. Mayor is older and wonderfully decorated on its façades with a great equestrian statue of king Felipe III done in 1616 but place here since 1848; the square measures 129 meters by 94 meters.It dates from the 1580 until finished by 1619.  Some other things to look up here is the  Casa de la Panaderia with the shield of arms of Carlos II,and the very famous Arco de Cuchilleros or arch of cutleries street. The tourist office has more in English here; http://www.esmadrid.com/en/tourist-information/plaza-mayor-Madrid

One novelty on my walks was passing by the Cuesta de Moyano and see the lineup of libraries with books of many diverse universe ready for sale and expecting the Feria del Libro de Madrid that began May 27th to June 12th, 2016.  Tourist office on the libraries at Moyano here in English: http://www.esmadrid.com/en/tourist-information/librerias-de-la-cuesta-de-moyano

And the association of libraries that form the Cuesta de Moyano group in Spanish here: http://www.cuestamoyano.es/index.asp

And the Feria del Libro at Retiro park here: http://www.ferialibromadrid.com/

This is Madrid and you can search more on my post by typing Madrid in the search space on the right column in my main page of the blog. Enjoy Madrid , I always do ::)

 Madrid  Madrid  Madrid  Madrid  Madrid  Madrid  Madrid  Madrid  Madrid

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