A Coruña here I come back !!!

Well almost exactly a year I came back briefly to A Coruña and always pleasant from the tricky airport to the ambiance and the food.

The tourist office is here : http://www.turismocoruna.com/web/

I came in from Madrid (more of that later posts), and took Iberia flight very easy nice from T4 and the airport in A Coruña could not be any easier. http://www.aena.es/csee/Satellite/Aeropuerto-A-Coruna/en/Page/1048146841342/

I took a taxi this time very nice friendly talkative guy and he took me to the scenic ride down the road along the bay into the center of town and back to my hotel; this was my request. The cost was less than 15 euros and I arrive at my hotel.

The Attica21 hotel is my hotel central here in the wonderful neighborhood of Matogrande very nice modern from the 20C architecture. The area is surrounded by nice hôtels , great restos and gyms too ::). The hotel : http://www.attica21hotels.com/en/15/hotel-attica21-coruna/

Here had the opportunity to walk into places already guided before by locals such as the SoHo Café and Bogart Baar and a new one Fire Capitano just across the street from the hotel. I also, try the restaurant in the hotel were a buffet menu of 15€ was awesome quality /price the best.





I did some walk around and took a car trip to outside Lugo, not much time , so after the short stay and local tastes headed back home thru Madrid T4 again onwards to Nantes where my car was waiting.

I encourage those readers to visit A Coruña is really a small but nice city to visit and friendly folks. Cheers

A Coruna A Coruna A Coruna A Coruna A Coruna Lugo


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4 Comments to “A Coruña here I come back !!!”

  1. No fuiste a la ciudad Vieja o el Paseo Marítimo? Eso el lo mejor de Coruña!!!


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