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May 28, 2016

Eating in Madrid is heavenly in your plate!

When I started my blog having lived in Madrid for several years, wrote an entry on favorite restaurants in Madrid. A daring post as there are so many choices sure folks will differ. However, mine are from a local Spanish point of view and authentic in a city and country that is becoming so touristic to the taste as well, they call it international.

The post is here :

After 2010 many more trips to Madrid and many different places to try from hotel restaurants to new standing restos all over the city. Madrid is the new culinary paradise. Fusion of many new arrivals and the need to cater more and more to an international crowd the tastes have change  a bit. Even in typical restaurant you see folks of many countries, new immigrants to the city and country.

Some of the sites to find these gems are:

One that I have contributed and it is in my blogroll all the way in the bottom of my pages is :

another on my blogroll below is el tenedor or fork

The guide of entertainement or ocio is long time since my times living there

The best wine guide in Spain Guia Peñin

One of my favorite and it is a chain is the Cerveceria 100 Montaditos, like the ones by Atocha and Plaza Mayor.

Also, the famous Museo del Jamon, since 1978 ,a must for a first timer and even return visitors; love it by Gran Via and Atocha;

The new find, Cerveceria Cervantes, by Plaza de Jésus near the fame Westin Palace Hotel, a great contrast between richness of history and the new arrivals of traditional keepers, great tapas including iberico hams and mahou beers.

One of my all time favorites lately are the Cerveceria Cruz Blanca, both the one at Dr Esquerdo near metro Conde de Casal line 9 and the one by Menendez Pelayo just outside the Retiro park near metro sanz de baranda on line 9 too.

I did try by recomm the El Brillante near Atocha and just the back side faces the museum of Reina Sofia, great place wonderful calamars sandwiches and beer cruzcampo. Great ambiance you come to find in Madrid,

For a more fancy and dine with the famous trip head for the El Rincon de Estéban near the Congreso de Diputados (or Spanish parliament); here you have traditional Spanish cuisine surrounded by picture frames of the rich and famous and politically powerful. All entertain by don Estéban himself!!!

And of course for a great tapas evening , the now come back kid renown and great the Mercado de San Miguel,

Of course, do not forget the museum such as the mirador/terrrace of Thyssen in the Thyssen-Bonarniza museum great views and to be seen;  and

And if you indulge in some trips line on metro line 9 or like me by car, you can come to the town of Rivas VaciaMadrid, and eat at a wonderful cafeteria restaurant with all the locals , in a real inexpensive Spanish cuisine place, Palacio Criollo.

I hope you enjoy the latest and see the old favorites of mine, many years in Madrid since 1970-1974  living and in and out since 1982. We are back this summer, can’t get enough of Madrid and Spain in general. Enjoy, buen provecho.

 Madrid  Madrid  Madrid  Madrid  Madrid  Madrid  Madrid Rivas VaciaMadrid

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May 28, 2016

A Coruña here I come back !!!

Well almost exactly a year I came back briefly to A Coruña and always pleasant from the tricky airport to the ambiance and the food.

The tourist office is here :

I came in from Madrid (more of that later posts), and took Iberia flight very easy nice from T4 and the airport in A Coruña could not be any easier.

I took a taxi this time very nice friendly talkative guy and he took me to the scenic ride down the road along the bay into the center of town and back to my hotel; this was my request. The cost was less than 15 euros and I arrive at my hotel.

The Attica21 hotel is my hotel central here in the wonderful neighborhood of Matogrande very nice modern from the 20C architecture. The area is surrounded by nice hôtels , great restos and gyms too ::). The hotel :

Here had the opportunity to walk into places already guided before by locals such as the SoHo Café and Bogart Baar and a new one Fire Capitano just across the street from the hotel. I also, try the restaurant in the hotel were a buffet menu of 15€ was awesome quality /price the best.

I did some walk around and took a car trip to outside Lugo, not much time , so after the short stay and local tastes headed back home thru Madrid T4 again onwards to Nantes where my car was waiting.

I encourage those readers to visit A Coruña is really a small but nice city to visit and friendly folks. Cheers

A Coruna A Coruna A Coruna A Coruna A Coruna Lugo


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